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In this video, we unbox the latest VoIP PBX Phone System from Yeastar, the P550! Make no mistake, this compact PBX delivers tons of features and functionality with a user-friendly Web GUI and more! Enjoy this video and get a close look at what this thing can do!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey everybody. It’s Mary Cheney here at VoIP Supply. And today we’re going to unbox Yeastar’s P550 PBX. This PBX is actually part of a series called the P-series from Yeastar. There is the P550, the P560, and the P570. So let’s start unboxing this.
Mary Cheney:
You can see it’s very nicely packaged here.
Mary Cheney:
There’s the PBX that everybody wanted to see.
Mary Cheney:
I’m just going to move the box out of the way here. We’ll get to the good stuff. So as you can see, it’s very nicely packaged and covered in plastic so it doesn’t get scratched. That look’s really nice. There’s the front of it, the back of it. And then we have our power supply, our cables, a mount, and your extended warranty card.
Mary Cheney:
So after unboxing this, you saw that this came really nicely packaged, which is super important. You don’t want that thing bouncing around in the box. And it’s powered up. You can see it looks really nice.
Mary Cheney:
So let’s talk about some of the really awesome features of the P550. Base users is 50. Max concurrent calls are 25. The max FXS ports are eight. Max FXO ports are also eight. The max GSM/3G/4G ports are four. As you can see, this has one USB port, and it can support up to two terabytes.
Mary Cheney:
So Yeastar came out with the P-series and they updated the processor in all of these PBXs. From what our customers have said about the Yeastar PBXs, especially in this series, is that they are super easy to work with, they’re very user-friendly, and they all come with Yeastar’s new cloud-subscription plan. They all come with a free basic plan, which comes jam-packed with a lot of features that I’m sure you’re fully aware of, but they do have paid subscription plans. Those are also super reasonable. So when you’re building out the PBX, if you go onto our website, all of the plans are listed there with the pricing. If you go with the enterprise plans, those are really more for a call center, and you would want to go with probably the P5660 or P570, but the Yeastar P550 is a great PBX.
Mary Cheney:
Again, if you want to learn more, reach out to us at VoIP Supply, or check out the links in the description below.
Mary Cheney:
So that said, that is the unboxing of the Yeastar P550. If you have additional questions about any of the PBXs in this series, you can reach out to us at VoIP Supply. I personally went through a demo of Yeastar’s cloud management system for the P-series, and I have to say it is super user-friendly. All the applications are where you feel like they should be. Going through it was very user-friendly. So, employees that are having to manage this for you, should have a very easy experience.
Mary Cheney:
Again, this PBX was made to be easy, user-friendly and as I said, it comes jam-packed with a ton of features. So I really encourage you to check it out. It’s a great product. We’re happy to be a partner for Yeastar.
Mary Cheney:
For more information about Yeastar products, visit our website, or reach out to one of our solutions consultants. We’d be happy to help you. Thanks for watching.

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