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The Yealink CP965 Conference Phone is here! Watch as we unbox this new and exciting Android-based conference phone. Not only is this conference phone Android-based, but it also has the capability of using wireless microphones! The Yealink CP965 can not only connect to 2 wireless DECT expansion microphones, but it also has the ability to connect to an expansion mic via Bluetooth as well!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney, marketing manager here at VoIP Supply. And today we’re going to be unboxing Yealink’s CP965 touchscreen conference phone. So let’s see what’s in the box.
Mary Cheney:
So let’s get to it. So here is the quick start guide. It’s really nice. Got everything that should be in the box. How to hook it up. This conference phone was actually awarded the Red Dot, which is pretty cool because it’s so new. Check that out. It’s pretty sleek. You can see there are two mute buttons here, and it comes in a really nice blue-gray color. Here is the back of it. There are tools here. That’s to get into here. And our cords.
Mary Cheney:
And so this does come with a little kit, and you can actually close this up and lock it. We’re going to power this on right now. So that locks in there. And there’s a little plug-in in the bag here with a little screw. So you can screw that down, so this doesn’t stay loose. But the cords fit in there nicely. As you can see, this is powering on.
Mary Cheney:
Another option that you have with this particular conference phone are the DECT wireless microphones that you can pair with this. As you can see, it has Bluetooth capability so that you can also pair other devices with it. So let’s play around with some of the features here. So you’ve got Bluetooth, and you can find your devices. So if we had other devices around here, obviously they would be showing up. We want to make ourselves visible here.
Mary Cheney:
You’ve got your directory. So if we had contacts listed here, they would be there. Let’s go into more options. So obviously, I just clicked that up, so it’s looking to pair with our Bluetooth devices, which we don’t have right now. But that’s there, and that’s why that’s blinking. You can actually record a meeting or a call right here. We have the notification settings. We’ve got to close out an app. This is not provisioned. So again, we’re just looking at some of the neat features here. You can see what the messages are, your voicemails.
Mary Cheney:
Earlier, I showed the mute button. So these are a nice touch. Mute keys, general settings. We can change the sound. Let’s hear what the sound’s like. We can turn it all the way up. See what this flash sounds like. Woo. That’s loud. For those who want a dance party while they’re waiting for their calls to start. And there you have it. This is our main key, so this will just take you back to the home screen here.
Mary Cheney:
This conference phone runs on Android 9.0. It is a five-inch, multi-touch screen. It has optimal HD audio with full-duplex technology. It has Yealink noise-proof technology. It has a 20-foot and 360-degree voice pickup, a built-in 12-microphone array for voice pickup, built-in one microphone array for noise cancellation. It is POE. You can do 10-way conference calls hybrid UC meetings, and it has built-in wifi. The CP965 is certified on BroadSoft, 3CX, and Metaswitch.
Mary Cheney:
So there you have it. This is Yealink’s CP965 touchscreen conference phone. As mentioned, we said that there are wireless mics. Those are not yet available, but when they do become available, we’ll be sure to let you know. If you’re looking for more information about this conference phone or any of the products in the Yealink portfolio, be sure to check out our website or the links in the description below. Like and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for joining us and see you next time.

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