Women In Tech Panel: Navigating the Day to Day of Being A Woman in Tech I Codesmith

Join the Codesmith community as we sit down with Lucia (Senior Software Engineer @ Google), Monica (Android Developer @ Square), Samantha (Codesmith Alumni & Software Engineer
@ NPR) and Taylor (iOS Software Engineer @ Square) to explore the day in the life of a woman in tech.

We will discuss how to handle imposter syndrome, what to consider when determining company fit, and how our panelists have learned from their role models to better push the tech space forward.

Learn how Codesmith supports members of the women and non-binary community in tech: https://www.codesmith.io/women-in-tech

Meet the Panelists:

Google, Senior Software Engineer
Lucia Martos Jimenez has been working at Google as an iOS engineer on Google Maps for close to four years, mostly focused on place discovery features. Before that, she studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Duke University. Lucia is leaving Google for a new adventure very soon!

Square, Android Engineer
Monica is an Android developer at Square (now Block) where she works on the Point of Sale app. Previously she worked at Headspace and led the Android team during an ambitious re-write of the app. She graduated from Hack Reactor in 2016 and loves working with and supporting engineers from bootcamps and other non-traditional backgrounds. She is a co-host and producer of impostHER podcast and hopes to bring more humility, vulnerability and openness to the seemingly intimidating world of tech.

NPR, Software Engineer
Samantha Wessel (she/her) joined NPR as a Software Engineer in March 2020. She works across the full stack, with her primary focus in Angular development. Samantha is a recovering lawyer, having worked in the entertainment industry as both a lawyer and a producer prior to her career as a Software Engineer. She is much happier now. She graduated from Christopher Newport University (Go Captains!) and University of Richmond School of Law. She in Silver Spring, Maryland, and loves riding around Washington, DC on her bike.

Square, iOS Engineer
After graduating pre-med from Cornell University, Taylor started her career as a first grade teacher on the south side of Chicago. It wasn’t until she met actual engineers while working in sales at an ed-tech startup that she decided she wanted to be the one building the product. After attending a coding bootcamp, she joined Disney and helped launch the Movies Anywhere app. After that, she worked on the core experience of the iOS app for the meditation and mindfulness app, Headspace, and left last summer to join Square to build help tools for Square sellers. As someone passionate about empowering underrepresented groups in technology, Taylor is involved in the organization 9 Dots, which teaches computer science to elementary students in LAUSD, and has also taught units on app development to middle school students. Taylor lives in Santa Monica with her cat, Larry.

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