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Graphite Note makes the complex simple with no-code machine learning to forecast sales and predict lead conversion! Check out their journey at the Huawei International Scale-Up Programme delivered by Dogpatch Labs.

Watch the Huawei International Start-Up Scale-Up Programme livestream:

[Music] My name is heavy I'm the CEO at graphite Node and we are on a mission to make Machine learning and AI more accessible To companies of any size by building a No-code machine learning platform we are Essentially helping companies to Accelerate their revenue by using our Predictive Analytics no code platform by Knowing which of their sales leads will Convert next or by knowing which of Their customers will cancel their Services and the best part is they can Do that within our platform without Writing a single line of code We are coding in machine learning so our Customers don't have to because they Don't know that's how we are leveraging The fact AI is here machine learning is Here but there is only a handful people That can actually do something with Machine learning We are located in the RDI Hub in Killorglin in Kerry I moved to Ireland from Croatia this is Not Kerry accent Part of my reasoning was because iron Has phenomenal startup ecosystem I Definitely see more advantages than Disadvantages being in rural Ireland Here I have everything I need to do my Job as a CEO of startup I have work-life Balance I got the best ideas while Walking around National Park in

Killarney all in all technology is so Mature today that you can be part of any Team and work from anywhere in the world [Music] So our whole vision and Mission is about Connecting innovators and entrepreneurs To create value at and to create new Products and services leading to Technology jobs in the southwest of Ireland I think what's great nowadays is That you know if you're a startup you Can carry a limerick are clear you can Get the same level of support as a Startup in Dublin The program was dog patched it's a great Starting point of our journey to work Closely with the Irish staffs to Generate the great ideas and Innovation To the market as well as bring them to The global stage With this Huawei program we hope to get Excellent mentorship with people from Different backgrounds and different Level of experiences for too long I was A guy trying to develop something in my Office and to trying to solve over the World's problems with my piece of Software but to really network is the Key and the programs like this can Really help us to widen our Network Another big thing is the access to Asian Market which without this kind of Program we won't have at this stage of Our company definitely

We have big plans the product is ready And now we are ready to go out there so Very excited about future Next up is graphite node they've got a Fantastic product so everybody I'm Vinnie co-founder of graphite knows And we're in a mission to have Commercial SME teams accelerate Revenue Through our no code Predictive Analytics Platform The pitch today was very good actually My co-founder Vini pitched today and I Was in the audience The program in the last three weeks was Amazing today we have so much more Clarity in how to communicate what Actually we are doing I love those kind of like a start of the Event because you have the time to talk To the real people and to help me like As an investor to understand the Technology difficulty and to see what is The future of the startups and fear Really excited about those the future of The startups and work with them of Course [Music]

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