Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights Review | Vont 2-Pack Solar Spot Light

Vont spotlight 2 pack soloar light review. In this video, I’ll be reviewing the Vont LED outdoor solar lights. These are perfect to have set up in front of your house, shining down from a wall, maybe in a parking area or to showcase your landscaping.

Vont spotlights on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3aIfjfj

Choose between LOW MODE(12 hours) and High Mode (6 hours). Your lights know when it’s dark and can easily detect changes in outdoor brightness. Automatically switches from energy storage to lighting mode without motion detection. Doubles as a flashlight in a pinch. AUTO ON at night and AUTO OFF at sunrise. It’s smart.

Set up is fast, easy to use. Stick into the grass with stakes and use it as a solar landscape spotlight. Or mount on the wall with the screws included and aim at a tree as a solar-powered wall light. Light up your garden, driveway, patio, pool, front doors, walls, garage, etc.

The Vont Outdoor Solar Spotlights are made of high-impact ABS material with an IPX7 wireless waterproof design. Meaning it can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions. And it’s much more robust than other less waterproof grade lights.

We hope you enjoyed this Vont spotlight review video.

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