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In case you haven’t heard, we’re an Authorized Distributor of Snom! We had a chance to spend some time with their amazing team at last year’s Channel Partners Conference in Las Vagas, and they were kind enough to sit down with our Marketing Manager, Mary Cheney for some insight on why we love working with Snom!

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VoIP – Should the FCC Get Involved?

There’s a raging debate about whether or not the FCC should get involved in VoIP. Both sides have strong arguments to make.

Want to Be Less Busy? Try These Productivity Techniques

The good news is that productivity in the American workforce is near an all time high. The bad news is that we are busier than we have ever been without much hope for seeing things slow down in the short term. Now is the time to use technology to streamline a process, increase customer retention and make it easier for your customers to give you their money. Let’s take your telecommunication system as an example.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Services

A hosted predictive dialer service provides the client with a high performance and efficient automated predictive dialer solution for telemarketing. The dialer is made available and supported by the service provider and then access is delivered to the customer ready to be used online, usually immediately, but could take longer depending on the company.

Communication Through Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting has proven itself as one of the most effective marketing tools in the industry today. With a voice broadcast you can share a message or an alert about your product or service far better than you could in an email blast, or with direct mail. The personal touch of a voice broadcast goes a long way.

VoIP Explained: A Guide To The Basics

VoIP systems are fast becoming the cheapest and most effective way to connect businesses around the globe. By minimising the need for landline phones, VoIP telephone technology offers a phone network that can be used by many employees simultaneously, which also offers incomparable value for money.

Cloud PBX – Your Choice of Business Phone System

Choices are one greatest factor that a man does every single day. The decision could be in life, love and business. A man’s choice determines his future. For example, if a man chooses to have more wants than his needs, then more likely, he will be in poverty full of misery and debts. Same thing in business, money is so much valuable because earning and profiting is your goal to have a successful company.

Utilizing Voice Broadcasting Techniques

Voice broadcasting came on the scene in 1990 and since that time has emerged as a reliable mass communication tool, sending telephone messages to groups of prospective recipients of calls. This form of broadcasting can be used for many different applications, including driving commercial interests, political campaigns or for community services.

Voice Broadcasting: A Cost Effective Solution to Increase Your Sales

Voice broadcasting is an excellent technology used for sending voice messages in bulk. This system has been in large usage for about 20 years and has proven to be one of the most useful marketing tools available.

VOIP Wholesale Providers

Individual VoIP users have access to a large variety of solutions. Businesses on the other hand require a more sophisticated wholesale VoIP solution for their needs.

Implementing a VoIP Hosted Phone System: Pros and Cons

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that transmits radio analogue signals into digital data that is transmitted over the Internet. Using this technology in a non-hosted or hosted phone system for business telephone numbers has several practical advantages, but it may also have a few drawbacks, depending on the needs of the customer. Before a company implements a VoIP phone network, it should consider the potential pros and cons of using the system.

SIP Trunk – Numbers to Choose From

After spending thousands of dollars in marketing your business and spending countless of hours to generate sales leads the next thing you need to do is to have your audience call you for a possible sale. However it may not be enough to have a plain number. Businesses may need several numbers to improve presence and encourage customers to pick up the phone and call you.

Get Access to Global Communication With Calling Cards

Globalization has struck everywhere! It seems inevitable for communication to hold back any longer. In fact communication needs to build the gap and allow globalization to work seamlessly. With a great need for global access communication has grown from just a small telephone corded to the wall to a mobile world with WiFi access to the entire directory of knowledge.

Are VoIP Handsets Becoming Obsolete?

We like to keep our ear to the ground and stay up to date on the rumors rumbling through the world of VoIP technology. Most of the time this just leads to learning about a lot of cool new developments and new ways we can provide as much value as possible to our clients. But sometimes when we listen in on what folks are saying about our field we tune into theories that are just so misguided we can’t believe what we’re hearing.

Signs That Your Company Should Switch to a VoIP Hosted Phone System

  A telephone network is something that most companies prefer to install quickly, and not think about replacing for a number of years. Unfortunately, that can be difficult when the network suffers from performance issues, or costs too much to use and maintain. While there is rarely a convenient time to switch from one phone network to another, a company should consider moving from a conventional system to a VoIP hosted phone system when it encounters certain problems with the present network.

A Hosted Phone System Versus A Non-Hosted Phone System: Which Is Better?

  If you need a new phone network for business telephone numbers, you may be trying to decide whether a hosted phone system or a non-hosted network would be the best choice. Although the systems can offer the same types of technology and service, they differ in terms of costs and network management. The user purchases a non-hosted network and performs management in house.

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