VoIP News Update | Special Report! – Poly Edge B Series IP Phones

Exciting News! Poly introduced their NEW Poly Edge B Series IP Phones today! This series comes with a stylish design and professional-grade audio quality. It is available in 2- and 4-line key models supporting 8- and 16-line key assignments. A perfect solution for small businesses, emerging markets, and even some enterprises!

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Check out the Poly Edge B10 here:

Check out the Poly B20 here:

Check out the Poly B30 here:

Mary Cheney:
Hey, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney, marketing manager here at VoIP Supply, and we’re here with an exclusive VoIP News Update. Okay. So we learned some really exciting news this week. Poly is going to be launching three new phones called the Poly Edge B Series. They’re going to be three phones. The B10, the B20, and the B30. We don’t know a ton about these phones yet, but we do have some valuable information that we wanted to share with you. So where do these phones fit in? These phones are not replacing anything in the VVX line, they will actually be an addition to, and they are three lower-end models. So they would fit right below the VVX 150. So you can imagine, because these are being placed below the 150s, the pricing is going to be pretty awesome on these three models. Okay. So now we’re going to look at some of the details of these different models.
Mary Cheney:
As mentioned earlier, there are three models, the Poly Edge B10, the Poly Edge B20, and Poly Edge B30. Poly Edge B10 and the Poly Edge B20 have two-line keys and eight-line key assignments. What’s the difference between the Poly Edge B10 and the Poly Edge B20? The Poly Edge B10 is PSU only, and that comes in the box. The Poly Edge B20 is PoE. Let’s talk about the Poly Edge B30 and what makes that different from the other two models. This particular model has four line keys and 16 line assignments. It has gigabit ethernet and is PoE. Some other features and functionality that are different from the Poly VVX 150 are they have an illuminated mute, headset, and speaker buttons. They have better TR-69 support. They also leverage QR codes for Getting Starting videos and user guides. It also gives you headset flexibility with an added 3.5-millimeter headset port. They have five-way audio conferencing, a diverse user interface, and language support.
Mary Cheney:
These three models are also supported on Poly’s PDMS platform. One important thing to note is that these models, the B10, B20, and B30 do not have USB ports. As mentioned earlier, the B10, the B20, and the B30 have headset ports for a 3.5-millimeter headset. RJ9 and EHS are all supported. Poly headsets already certified are the Blackwire 3300 Series, the Blackwire 5200 Series, the Savi 7200 Series, the Savi 8200 series, EncorePro 500 Series, and the EncorePro 700 Series. So that wraps up this exclusive VoIP News Update. We’re super excited about Poly releasing these three new phones. Another thing that I just wanted to point out is they didn’t get rid of some of the great features that they are already known for such as HD Voice and Poly Acoustic Fence. Those are all built-in to these three new models. If you’re looking for a little bit more detail on some of these models, check out the links in the description below. And always, like and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching. And thanks, Poly, for bringing out some really cool new phones. Yeah.

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