VoIP News Update | September 2021 – Zoom, Grandstream and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we take a look at new products and partnerships! Everything from new Grandstream releases to Jabra products being Zoom Certified and more!

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Mary Chaney:
Hey everybody, it’s Mary Chaney, marketing manager here at VoIP Supply. And we’re back with another VoIP News Update. All right so, we’re wrapping up the summer here and we’re starting to get into fall. And our partners that we work with are making some awesome announcements. So, we’re really excited to bring you some of the new products and partnership announcements that have been and released just this week.
Mary Chaney:
So, we’re going to kick this off with Jabra and Zoom. They announced a new certification program for the two companies. They’re joining together to bring you an audio/visual experience. And we couldn’t be more excited about this. The Zoom hardware certification program includes third-party testing. As well as testing in Zoom certified labs. This really ensures that the devices that are being certified on the platforms are offering the most superior audio and visual experience for you. One of the devices that we’ve talked about on previous VoIP News Updates is the PanaCast 50. This is one of just many of the Jabra devices that are now certified on Zoom.
Mary Chaney:
So, what does the certification mean for you as the customer or the reseller who’s selling these devices? It really means that it’s going to guarantee that the devices that are certified on the Zoom platform for Jabra are going to offer a guaranteed user experience and to ensure that those devices are working across the platform, and there are no glitches that are going to happen. This also provides the user with a richer support function and ongoing firmware updates.
Mary Chaney:
So, how will you know if these devices are certified? If you check out Zoom’s website, if you check out Jabra’s website or VoIP Supply’s website, we’ll provide you with a list or a category that tells you which devices are certified. They will also be marked with a Zoom certified badge.
Mary Chaney:
So, congratulations to Zoom and Jabra. We couldn’t be more excited about this. We’re looking forward to seeing what other devices become Zoom certified in the near future.
Mary Chaney:
Up next, we’re going to talk about some new products that are going to be released by Grandstream. So, we’re going to start off with Grandstream’s WP825 cordless wifi phone and it’s ruggedized! So, it’s drop-proof up to two meters. It has wifi and Bluetooth technology. Push-to-talk capabilities for rapid communication. It has eight hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time. It has two SIP accounts and three soft keys. It also supports advanced roaming protocols. So, a couple more important features of this phone are that it has an IP67 rating. It is completely dustproof. It’s waterproof to temporary immersion in water. So, don’t leave it in the water overnight.
Mary Chaney:
So, again, this is a brand new release from Grandstream. We’re super excited, especially about the fact that it is ruggedized.
Mary Chaney:
Grandstream will also be releasing two other products in the near future, the GWN7660 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point. And the GAC2570 conference phone. We don’t have a ton of information about these two devices yet, but they are coming soon.
Mary Chaney:
We have included what information we do have in the links in the description below. Also, if you haven’t checked out Grandstream’s GWN Cloud Management system, it’s a really neat place where you can manage all your devices in the cloud. A lot of the products that we’ve talked about on previous VoIP News Updates, as well as today, are available for you to manage directly through that platform.

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Businesses Can Switch To VoIP With Existing Handsets

Businesses have seen the cost effectiveness of VoIP technology. However, the value of the company’s existing infrastructure acts as a barrier stopping companies from moving to VoIP. Most enterprises are not so keen on throwing away their existing handsets and wiring to migrate to VoIP.

How to Choose the Best Suited VoIP Service Provider

Small businesses are rapidly turning to alternative solutions like hosted PBX, VoIP, and cable instead of the traditional telephone. These solutions are considered great ways to save costs as well as enjoy increased flexibility. How can you turn your business to these solutions is discussed below.

Better Living Through VoIP Service

Internet has touched our lives in such a way that our standard of living has really gone heights. Communication is something that is very imperative in the modern competitive world and it could be said that through VoIP service our lives has been made better or the standard has increased. Even around the corner of the world we receive information and with the escalating technology and consistent upending of the web our communication over the phone have literally changed and it has been made effective.

Major Telcos Enter the Hosted VoIP Business

With the growth of VoIP, it was only a matter of time before the traditional telecom companies jumped into the game to keep themselves relevant. AT&T’s new hosted VoIP offering is a step in this direction.

The Advantages of VoIP for Business

Whether you have just under ten employees at your workplace or well over a hundred, you need to consider the possibility that your phone system needs upgrading. New innovations in business communication allow companies to take advantage of phone system updates that improve connectivity and in turn help relations with clients and vendors. If your business isn’t equipped with VoIP systems, for instance, you may find your business is at a disadvantage compared to competitors with upgraded phone equipment.

Plug-And-Play VoIP Phones

Technology adoption greatly relies on ease of use. When we have VoIP phones that “just work”, the rate of adoption of VoIP will increase.

Network Servcies – Do What the Pros Do!

Network Services, sometimes referred to as dial tone has been around since there have been choices from the telephone company. Years ago your company could have a T1 line which provided Direct in Dialing numbers, DID. This affords your employees to have a direct telephone number without have a dedicated line.

VoIP Enables Remote Working

Use of VoIP and similar technologies is changing the way we work. Telecommunication and remote working promise to be the tools of the future.

Make Affordable Calls Through VoIP

VoIP has now become a force to reckon with in the telecommunication sector. Phoning based on voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology not only facilitates economical calls but also provides other features like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail and three-way calling without any additional cost.

VoIP Proves Its Disaster Recovery Credentials

Recent events seem to indicate that point is a more sturdy technology than the PSTN system. Natural disasters such as earthquakes have a lesser impact on it.

VoIP on Real Estate and Tourism

Companies dedicated to tourism have incorporated the 800 numbers service, offered from VoIP providers as a re-routing of the call, with no charge for the person calling, which has facilitated the amount of customers interested in staying a few days in a hotel outside town, or take a trip down the Volcano in Costa Rica or the beaches in Cancun. These people have understood that bringing a direct line between them and their customer is the warmest, most logical way to approach people that might or might not decide to spend their money and make the trip in any case…

Advantages of Using VoIP

By now, you are probably aware of the new technology that’s giving traditional phone companies a run for their money – VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows people to make phone calls over the Internet using either a computer, an IP (Internet Protocol) phone or an analog converter. Whichever method you use to access the technology, there are great advantages to shifting to VoIP technology especially when you make a lot of phone calls on a personal basis or for your business.

What Is VoIP?

As days go by, the technology that used to thrill us and make our lives better becomes obsolete. They become replaced by something better and more improved. One such example is VoIP technology.

Getting The Best Business VoIP

You should collect information on the latest business VoIP packages before selecting any one of them. Firstly, you have to be sure of the services you will get. It is best to do research online or ask around to ensure that you are exposed to different professionals and services. Ensure that you are equipped with sufficient information before making any decisions.

What You Need for Your VoIP Phone System

If you’re thinking of trying out the new VoIP Telephony service, it’s actually quite easy to experiment with it provided that you have your own computer, an Internet connection, a specific software or program that lets you make calls through the Internet, a microphone and speakers. In this day and age, it’s not hard to get a hold of these things because they’re mostly part of the package when you buy a new computer, except for the software which you may have to search for online.

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