VoIP News Update | October 2021 – Channel Partners, Poly and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we explain what went wrong in the deal between Zoom and Five9. We will also take a close look at the new Poly Studio X70 and so much more!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney, marketing manager here at VoIP Supply. And I’m back with October’s VoIP News Update. And boy, do we have a lot to cover? Yeah. We’re going to kick this off with an update on the Zoom and Five9 acquisition. If you haven’t already heard, the $14.7 billion stock offer was rejected by the Five9 shareholders. It would’ve been really cool to see what these two powerhouses were going to do together, but we understand some of these things don’t work out. And unfortunately, this one fell through. Up next, we’re going to talk about Poly’s new X70 video bar for large conference rooms. This newly designed video bar by Poly has a really sleek design with dual cameras and 4K sensors.
Mary Cheney:
This soundbar has two-way sound speakers and aluminum cone tweeters. What? Yeah. It also has advanced bass support. It also has an AI-driven camera array. Another really cool feature of this soundbar is that it has AI noise reduction technology. This is really important in those large conference rooms. You can also purchase additional Poly products, such as the Trio, that will enhance your conference room experience. You can check out all the complementary products in the description below. We also want to talk about intercompatibility. The Poly Studio X70 works really well with cloud service providers through the Poly video app mode. This soundbar also supports native third-party applications, such as Zoom, GoToRoom, RingCentral, StarLeaf, and Dialpad.
Mary Cheney:
Additionally, this product has a one-year warranty. So if you’re looking for more information about the Poly Studio X70, check out the links in the description below. Lastly, I’m super excited about this next one. We’re going to talk about Channel Partners, the actual in-person conference. And VoIP Supply is going to be there in person, and we cannot wait to see you and our partners. So as many of you know, Channel Partners was canceled the week before the shutdown. And we were so disappointed that we didn’t get to meet face-to-face with a lot of our partners and customers, but that’s changing in a couple weeks. We’re headed to Las Vegas. We are going to be at Booth 866, and we are so excited. I’m so excited. I’m going to be doing yeahs all day.
Mary Cheney:
So if you’re going to be at the show, I encourage you to stop by the VoIP Supply booth, check out some of the awesome new products our partners have come out with, and just come meet our team. We’re going to have fun activities at our booth. We have a fun golf chipping game and you can win some prizes. And come by and do a yeah with me. If you’re looking for passes, you can check out the links in the description below. November 1st through the 4th, Booth 866. Mandalay Bay, here we come. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So that wraps up the October VoIP News Update. We hope you enjoyed all of the information in this episode. Again, all the information can be found in the links below. Like and subscribe. Yeah, we’ll see you next time.

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