VoIP News Update | November 2021 – Mitel & RingCentral, Ericsson & Vonage, and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we cover some exciting news from Vonage, Mitel, Ericsson, Ring Central, Sangoma, and more! We’ll also recap our time at this year’s Channel Partners 2021!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney, marketing manager here at VoIP Supply. And I’m back with November’s VoIP News Update. So let’s talk about our first topic. So as you know in the last VoIP News Update, we talked about us going to Channel Partners. Well, we did attend the event. I and a couple of my amazing colleagues were able to experience an in-person to Channel Partners event in Las Vegas. And I have to say, it was probably one of the best shows that we have done in a long time. It was amazing seeing some of our current customers face to face again, and then also meeting with new potential customers, and then as always, interacting with some of the most popular brands within the industry, it was a great time. One theme that was across the board through Channel Partners was, “Where can I get the product?”
Mary Cheney:
It is consistent throughout the industry. So if you’re in search of something or you need help finding a product because of high demand, reach out to VoIP Supply, reach out to your solutions consultant. Another really important piece that we were trying to communicate to customers and new customers at the show was getting out those POs and getting in line for the product. Because once these products do come in, they are fulfilling orders by when they were placed. Just make sure that if you really need the product, you need to get in line, get those orders in, and get them in with a trusted partner like VoIP Supply, where we can help get that product out to you as soon as it comes in.
Mary Cheney:
This was probably one of the best shows that I have done in a really long time. And we get to do it all over again in April because Channel Partners is getting back on schedule, it’s back in Vegas, and it’s only really five months away. So we’re excited to be back at that show in just a couple months. It’s going to be great. There were some hints to new products for some of our really good partners at the event. I foresee seeing a lot more of those products at the April show, and I hope you can join us. Ericsson to acquire cloud communications provider, Vonage, for $6.2 billion.
Mary Cheney:
So you might think that this is a bit of an odd coupling, but Ericsson has always wanted to get into this space. And what better way to do it than by acquiring a business like Vonage? So we’re really excited to see how this all unfolds, but this acquisition is in progress and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. So RingCentral recently announced a strategic partnership with Mitel. You might be thinking, “What are they trying to do?” So these two powerhouses are basically creating a seamless way for Mitel partners to get into the cloud using RingCentral’s platform.
Mary Cheney:
And lastly, we’re going to talk about one of the hottest instant rebates out there right now, which is going to be available until December 31st, and that is offered through Sangoma. Our partners there, have this awesome instant rebate taking place. You can get up to $30 per phone off. This instant rebate is for Sangoma’s S-Series Phones. I encourage you to check out the details of this promotion in the description below, and it also will outline each rebate that is available for the different phones. VoIP Supply is a strategic partner with Sangoma, as you very well know. we also did a pretty funny video, the One Chip Challenge to promote how hot this promotion actually is.
Mary Cheney:
But again, it’s a great rebate. It’s available until December 31st. So you have plenty of time to take advantage of it. If you’re a reseller, you need to contact your VoIP Supply solutions consultant to take advantage of those instant rebates. They will get them added to your account. Make sure, again, like and subscribe. Thanks for watching this VoIP News Update, and we’ll see you next time.

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Quality VoIP Calls For Business Growth

In business, communication plays an important role. It is what ensures a smooth ride with your customers and also suppliers. The customers for instance are the backbone of any business and they need to be handled with care. It is through them that you will manage to market your products and services, get sales and improve on what you are offering thereby giving your business the chance to grow to its full potential.

VoIP Classification

Many people are adopting the Voice over Internet Protocol for different purposes and reasons. The many advantages that VoIP has over other modes of communication have made it quite popular. It is a kind of internet telephony that is classified into two. You will find consumer and business VoIP. The business option is always a greater and better option for the services as far as the quality is concerned.

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VoIP comes with two options for the business. There is the on-premise service and the hosted service for all your telephony needs around the company. The hosted option has proved to be more ideal for business looking to enjoy the very best of the Voice over Internet Protocol. One of the benefits that you will enjoy with the hosted option is total cost ownership abbreviated TCO.

An Insight On VoIP Phone Services

Voice over IP is a technology that enables calls to be made over a cabled or wireless network. Communication is rendered by the service provider to the user through their computer audio channel. The transmission can occur concurrently between the two end users. VoIP phone services have proven to be a cheaper option in making long distance calls despite their lower reliability and voice clarity.

VoIP Telecoms Services – Things To Consider In A Service Provider

Voice over Internet Protocol is a telephony service that allows businesses and individuals to enjoy telephoning over internet connections. This is a system that has made things better and easier for most businesses and you will find more people turning to it as a solution over the traditional telephone lines which lack variety and simplicity. VoIP has increased performance and quality thus offering the best results as with the telecoms.

Affordable VOIP Providers for Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an innovative way of making phone calls over a broadband high speed internet connection instead of the traditional method. In view of the fact that the calls are made using the internet, VoIP is hugely beneficial to the user. A VoIP system is affordable because the only additional piece of equipment that you may need is an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA).

Using VoIP Telephone Systems for Business Advantage

Terrestrial telephone systems have restrictions and limitations in how they operate. To make the best use of internet technology, it makes sense to use an internet-based telephone system, and VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) offers everything you could ask for in such a system.

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New VoIP technology has revolutionized the way people make international telephone calls. Inexpensive calls and messages abroad is the main attraction for many individuals. However, there are a number of advantages to using VoIP for international communication.

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