VoIP News Update | May 2022 – Sangoma Roadshows, Snom D785N, and More!

In this month’s episode, we’ll cover everything we have learned in the world of VoIP for the month of May! Sangoma is hitting the road! Learn where they’ll be stopping and how you can register! We also cover the brand new Snom D785N, and much more!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

Registration and information on Sangoma Roadshows here:

Get even more information on the new Snom D785N here:

Register here for ITEXPO 2022:

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Packet Vs Analog – What’s the Comparison?

The distinguishing feature of VoIP is the packet architecture. How does it stack up next to analog systems?

Various Facets of VoIP Fraud

VoIP fraud can take many forms. Are you prepared for what may happen?

TWC Wi-Fi VoIP – Too Little Too Late?

TWC is allowing customers to make calls using Wi-Fi. But is this enough to woo back those who have left?

How to Start Your Own VoIP Business?

In order to start your own VoIP business, you need to fulfill certain infrastructure requirements apart from creating sales/marketing infrastructure. They include Softswitch, Bandwidth Optimization Software and Hosted Servers.

Mobile – Driving VoIP Adoption Like Never Before

VoIP is gradually replacing POTS in many parts of the world. Business organizations appreciate the ease of use and impressive new features while individuals are switching to VoIP for the cost savings. For a long time, VoIP was not available for use on mobile devices and was restricted to desk phones or computers. Now that mobile VoIP has become a reality – thanks to the increasing numbers of LTE enabled smart phones – it is becoming the primary driver in the continuing growth of the VoIP market.

Is VoIP Reselling a Profitable Business?

VoIP resellers are in a prime position to build and manage a brand. VoIP reseller or agents has become a popular enterprise. There are many benefits to the reseller. resellers focus on transmitting VoIP services from retailers to end users or other resellers.

Can WhatsApp Challenge Skype With Its New Features?

WhatsApp has just released a slew of new features. Can they put it in a position to supplant Skype?

Small Company VoIP Benefits

The benefits of VoIP extend beyond the obvious. Even for small business owners.

Enjoy Smarter Communications With Internet Telephony

Communication is without a doubt one of the most important essentials for any business, but unfortunately most connections come with their own restrictions and limitations, making it harder for some businesses to thrive to their full potential. However, VOIP or voice over internet protocol makes all the difference for any business. It has changed the way communication is done, improving greatly on the potential of any given business. The internet telephony phone service offers high voice quality and clarity and it is also cost effective.

When to Use an SIP Trunk and When Not to

There are two ways to implement VoIP – with an SIP trunk and without. Which one are you going to use?

Prep Yourself for VoIP!

Making the move to VoIP can be a big step. Are you prepared?

5 Tips to Monitor Your Call Center Agents

Call Center Monitoring services can significantly help managers and supervisors to improve the Contact Center performances. Understanding the importance and the need to analyze and monitor calls and agents, call center softwares offer to Managers concrete methods and tools to establish a good call center quality management system. Let’s see some of them!

SIP Trunking to Reduce Costs

It has been estimated that small to midsized businesses stand to gain seventy percent cost savings simply by adopting Session Initiation Protocol (a sophisticated control protocol designated for use with IP-based communications.) Leading technology-based research firm, Gartner has predicated that nearly half of all North American businesses will adopt sip trunking by the end of 2015. These findings come as no surprise when taking into consideration the superior cost and feature benefits the SIP trunks offers over analog and Rate Interface-based lines.

With VoIP, We’re Just Getting Started

Barely a fraction of total businesses have implemented VoIP. This leaves a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped.

VoIP and Disaster Recovery

VoIP’s unique properties allow it to be remarkably flexible in disaster recovery scenarios. But a lot also depends on the kind of set up you have.

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