VoIP News Update | May 2021 – 3CX, Snom, and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we will be talking about the release of Snom’s new standardized 3CX templates, eliminating the need for customization! We’ll also discuss the CloudSpan MarketPlace by VoIP Supply and how we can help craft the VoIP Service solution for you and your business! And, lastly, we will showcase the Advanced Network Devices dynamic IP display!

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Learn more about new Snom templates for 3CX here:

Looking for VoIP service? Want to resell VoIP service? Check out the CloudSpan MarketPlace here!

Get all the details on the Advanced Network Devices IPCSHD-MB IP Display here!

Mary Cheney:
Hey, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney marketing manager here at VoIP Supply. And we’re back with Maze VoIP News Update. First stop, we’re going to talk about Snom’s new standardized 3CX template. Snom released this new template to use on the 3CX platform for their D700 Series. This eliminates the need for customization. So it’s pretty cool. And 3CX is very excited about it because it makes the rollout of Snom phones on the 3CX platform, really simple.
Mary Cheney:
To implement the new templates and provision those Snom devices, you can go to Snow’s website to get the instructions, or they are available on our website or the 3CX website. For more information about this, check out the links in the description below.
Mary Cheney:
Next up, we’re going to talk about the CloudSpan Marketplace by VoIP Supply. If you don’t know, newsflash. VoIP Supply is actually a master agent for some of the top service providers. And you can actually become an agent through VoIP Supply and resell those hosted services as well.
Mary Cheney:
So if your business or organization is looking to move to a new hosted platform, or even from an on-prem solution to the cloud, VoIP Supply can assist you in doing that. We can provide you with multiple quotes for some of the most popular hosted platforms out there. And really do the homework and research for you to find the best solution out there for your organization or business.
Mary Cheney:
If you’re a reseller and you’re interested in reselling hosted services, you should really reach out to VoIP Supply and become an agent. And sell some of the most popular hosts that services out there to your customers. VoIP Supply has been doing this for a very long time, and we can help be an extension of your team.
Mary Cheney:
We also sell a lot of different hardware. So, some of the service providers may not offer all of the equipment that you need to complete a full VoIP solution. One of the big reasons why resellers are interested in selling hosted services these days, is a monthly reoccurring revenue. So we really encourage you to check out the CloudSpan Marketplace. Either get a quote from VoIP Supply, let us do the hunting for you, or become an agent through VoIP Supply and take advantage of all the value-added services that we have to offer.
Mary Cheney:
Last month, we highlighted an IP paging product, and we’re going to do the same this month because there are so many cool products out there in this space. This month, we’re going to talk about advanced network devices, HD IP Display. This HD display is PoE and PoE+, and it comes in matte black. It is ideal for classrooms, offices.
Mary Cheney:
What’s really neat about this HD display is it gives you a visual representation of maybe a warning, or let’s talk about something happy, maybe a celebration, that you can put out on these devices. They can be seen up to 50 feet away. You can also use these to do some fun stuff in your school or office.
Mary Cheney:
It allows you to put up some really neat graphics and you can play some music over it. They’re really neat. This HD display is compatible with many third-party softwares like InformaCast. There is a whole list, so I encourage you to check it out. The HD display is also compatible with a lot of VoIP systems as well, such as CallManager, Mitel, Avaya, 3CX, Poly, and a whole bunch more. And as you know, on June

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