VoIP News Update | March 2022 – New Products from CyberData, Xorcom, and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we’ll cover new products from CyberData and a new IP PBX from Xorcom, the Xorcom Swift! We will also touch on Channel Partners 2022, the VoIP Supply Partner Program, and a big “Happy 20th Anniversary” to us!

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Take a look at the new cost-friendly IP paging speakers from CyberData:

Get all the details on the new Xorcom Swift here:

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Why Does SIP Dominate the VoIP World?

There are many competing standards in the VoIP industry. So why does SIP dominate?

How a Typical Predictive Dialer Assists a Call Center

A predictive dialer assists call centers by dialing hundreds of phone calls with great ease. With a single click you can dial one phone number after another or multiple numbers at once, which speeds up the tedious method of dialing numbers by hand. This increases the work flow and eliminates the added time from manual dialing. This system handles the outgoing call flow of your business through its fully automatic dialing system.

Selecting the Right VoIP Provider for Your Needs

There are many important factors to consider before choosing your VoIP service provider. Keep these in mind while streamlining your choices.

Why You Should Monitor Your VoIP Quality: Packet Delay Problems

Packet delays are some of the reasons why you should consistently test and monitor your VoIP services. The article outlines issues concerning packet delays and latency.

Hosted PBX – Advanced Call Routing

VoIP systems are able to route a call to any number of devices. This provides employees with a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to taking calls.

Hosted PBX for Small Business Equals More Profitability When It’s All Said and Done

Many small businesses spend hours looking to grow visibility online yet when a potential prospect calls them, they are forced to listen to a cell phone voice mail. It may be effective in at least giving your prospect a way to reach you but it doesn’t scream “WE ARE A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS.” No offense to real estate professionals as I know you are on the road a lot just like many of us, but you could be taking advantage of the virtual forwarding option hosted providers include automatically when coming on board with service.

Preparing Your Network for VoIP

Getting started with VoIP is incredibly easy. But you need to make sure that your network is ready to handle the load.

Various Aspects of a Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a computerized system which connects prospects to many agents. It has numerous outbound lines to dial multiple phone numbers, and the software dials these numbers and transmits the phone calls when a telemarketer is available. The invention of this modern technology is a step ahead of normal auto dialer applications. This is because predictive dialing uses algorithms to collect call related analysis based on the time of calls and the availability of call center agents.

How to Set Up SIP VoIP

Setting up an SIP VoIP connection is a bit different from the standard apps you may be used to. Here’s how to go about it on either a PC or smartphone.

Predictive Dialer, a Results Oriented Solution for Call Centers

A hosted predictive dialer service provides a call center with a high performance and results oriented automated phone number dialing solution. The dialing technology usually ready for use with full functionality and supported by the hosted service provider and then accessible to the customer in less than an hour. This technology can greatly increase the productivity or efficiency of the call center staff. The predictive software has become extremely popular over the past few years.

Lowering Phone Bills With Hosted PBX

VoIP services can be used to connect remote branch offices. This allows for seamless inter-employee communication regardless of location for free.

Deploying a Predictive Dialer in a Call Center

Through the usage of a predictive dialer, an agent or call center as a whole can become more productive and will be able to maximize profit. Currently the key factor for promoting your business or company is advertising, which usually gives you results. It has never been easy to open a call center and hire representatives for dialing phone numbers manually, but the predictive dialer has made it easy, comprehensive and more profitable.

So You Want to Transition to VoIP

Transitioning to VoIP is not as complicated as it seems. Here’s an easy guide on what you need to do when transitioning to VoIP.

Voice Broadcasting for Medium Sized Companies

Voice broadcasting is a bulk voice calling automated dialing platform. The system will play your pre recorded message used for mass communication. Bulk voice calls are actually pre recorded voice messages, which can be sent to any phone. Voice Broadcasting is an efficient technological invention which allows users to target a specific list of contact with their message of choice.

Verizon’s Net Neutrality Challenge Will Determine the Fate of the Internet

Verizon’s challenge to the FCC’s net neutrality regulations in court can change the face of the Internet. This must not be allowed.

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