VoIP News Update | June 2022 – Poly Camera Control App, NFR Programs, and More!

In this month’s episode of the VoIP News Update, we cover a new app release from Poly! This app lets you control your Poly Studio cameras from any touchscreen device! We also go over some NFR (Not for Resale) programs that could benefit you!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

Check out compatible Poly Cameras for their new Control App here:

See ALL Poly products here:

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The State of VoLTE in India

LTE is the next generation of mobile data networks. Can developing countries make use of it to leapfrog older systems?

Refurbished VoIP Business Phone System Is Cheap And Reliable

The refurbished and pre-configured VoIP business phone system is an ideal option for small businesses and offices with the need for streamlined communication at low-cost installation and maintenance. The VoIP phones offer a range of features like the virtual receptionist option, the voicemail, conference calling music on hold and much.

What Is VoIP And How Exactly Does It Work?

The VoIP market is growing and growing and many people are turning to the VoIP industry to start a lucrative business. But what is VoIP actually? And how does VoIP work? This is what I will try to explain in the following article

Will Mobile VoIP Take Over the Market of Mobile Calling?

Mobile VoIP is the use of VoIP from a mobile phone. Using a mobile phone is the preferred way of calling as mobiles can be used anywhere and at any time. But is it here to stay?

Best Quality VoIP Communications Services and Email Hosting Solutions

Since the inception of the VoIP communications technology, the hosted PBX systems continue to replace legacy telecommunications services on both business and personal market sectors. Systems like, hosted PBX systems, SIP trunking help the VoIP technology to rule the market satisfying the new need to implement automated program control and support the emerging technology of hybrid cloud communications.

Strategies For VoIP Success

The year 2015 witnessed the highest VoIP growth in the market and the trade pundits who has estimated a staggering $86.2 billion revenue growth by 2010, can now be more hopeful as the market doesn’t seem to slow down in near future. It is now highly recommended for the businesses to implement VoIP communications and look at it, as a means of a powerful business tool rather than a simple replacement to making calls.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol. We take a look at how this technology works.

Starting a Calling Cards Business

Have you always wanted to start your own calling cards business, but didn’t even know where start? Here I will guide you step by step into the process of starting your business, so you can turn that into reality!

Mobile VoIP – The Technological Revolution To Change The World

Today we can use internet for making video and audio calls. In this article, we are going to discuss how mobile VoIP are changing our traditional telephony system. Can it be a tech-revolution? I invite you to read this feature.

Communications Solutions for Successful Businesses

Successful business leaders are unique people that all have a few things in common. All of them are forward thinkers and are looking for competitive advantages whether their goals are to improve the customer experience or to grow market share.

How to Save Money on Your Calls While You Travel

Imagine this scenario: You just enjoyed a beautiful holiday overseas. Now you are home and it’s time to get back to regular life… You get your next phone bill and you are shocked… 100’s of dollars on your bill… You don’t even remember speaking that much… or being on the web that much… but the bill is here, and it will have to be paid. You start thinking if this trip was even worth it… If this sounds familiar to you, I have some great news – there are plenty of ways to save money on your calls when you are abroad and save you from getting sky-high phone bills on your return.

Are VoIP Telephone Systems Reliable?

VoIP solutions are becoming more widely adopted by businesses. The biggest question often asked is are they reliable. We take a look in this article…

Become an IP PBX Reseller

There are many reasons why you’d want to become an IP PBX reseller. You might be totally new to the world of VoIP, and reselling IP PBX services is a good place to start. You might have researched all the different types of VoIP services and come to the conclusion that you want to start offering IP PBX services, as many have turned IP PBX into very lucrative business. Or, you may already be a VoIP service provider but you want to offer your clients something new in order to grow your business and get new clients. For all of you interested in the business of IP PBX – you probably know how confusing it can be and some of you probably don’t even know where to start…

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephone Lines?

Whilst telephone lines are crucial in the majority of businesses, the cost can seemingly run away with you. We take a look at ways you can reduce the cost of telephone lines for your business.

Cost-Effective Refurbished Cisco IP Phone System For Business

Any business needs effective channels of communications for it to flourish and surge ahead in a world that is fraught with tight competition. Small and medium-sized businesses though in need of a good system are often in a quandary when it comes to investing a heavy amount that the latest systems demand. There are the investments of the hardware and other infrastructure that are involved and also their tedious maintenance that prohibit the owners from owning the systems that they should be having.

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