VoIP News Update | June 2021 – Sangoma, Jabra and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we will be talking about the brand new value-based IP phones from Sangoma! The P310 and P315 are out now and the perfect phone for retail, education, and more! We’ll also cover Jabra’s 4K plug-in-play webcam solution, the PanaCast! Also, some exciting news for VoIP Supply!

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Take a closer look at Sangoma’s value-based IP phones here:

Find out even more about the Jabra PanaCast here:

Find all of your Cisco Open SIP needs here:

Mary Cheney:
Hey everybody. Mary Cheney, Marketing Manager here at VoIP Supply, and we’re back with June’s VoIP News Update. I wanted to apologize because, in the last VoIP News Update, we were missing a couple of “yeahs.” So we’ll make up for it this time. Yeah!
Mary Cheney:
We’re going to kick off this VoIP News Update talking about Sangoma’s new value-based phones, the P310, and the P315. They got all the bits and the gigabits. We’re really excited about this new offering from Sangoma. It’s a really nice new value-based phone. As sangoma says, “It’s the power you need at the price you want.” Yeah! Yeah!
Mary Cheney:
So let’s go over a couple of the features of both of these phones and then talk about what’s different about them. The main display on this phone is a 2.4 inch LCD screen. They both have two-line registration. They both have four feature keys, four contact-sensitive soft keys. They are both POE… duh. They both have an electronics hook switch and they both support RJ-9 handsets. The only difference between the Sangoma P310 and the P315 is the gigabit ethernet option. Okay. So why is this a cool option for this phone? If you only have one ethernet port and you only have access to one, this actually saves you, or could potentially save you quite a bit of money of having to run a new line, so that you have another ethernet port. You can actually plug it into the back of the phone and it gives you that second option. It actually makes the phone a little bit faster for you. If you want more information about the Sangoma value-base P310 and P315, check out the description below.
Mary Cheney:
Next, we’re going to talk about Jabra’s PanaCast. This is Jabra’s 180-degree panoramic 4K video conferencing solutions. It’s a plug-and-play solution. What more could you ask for? This small, but mighty video conferencing camera has 13-megapixel cameras. The patented real-time video stitching is what gives this camera the 180-degree panoramic ability. So let’s talk about compatibility because that’s really important when you’re using a plug-and-play solution such as a Jabra PanaCast.
Mary Cheney:
This camera is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, and a whole bunch more. So we encourage you to check out more details in the description below. One really cool feature that Jabra has incorporated into this camera. If you’re a teacher and you’re in a classroom and you have a whiteboard or a blackboard, this camera actually has a piece of software. They call it the whiteboard feature, and this allows you to basically zoom in on your actual whiteboard or blackboard and give you a very clear view of what you’re trying to present to your students or during a business presentation. This feature actually comes free to you if you have the PanaCast. If you’re looking for a very powerful video conferencing solution that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this is a great camera. We’ve done a couple tutorials with that. We actually really love the product and it is super small. If you have the dry erase markers, it’s about the length of a dry erase marker, and you get all of the power behind it with a really high-quality video and audio.
Mary Cheney:
And lastly, we’re going to talk about some exciting news for VoIP Supply. We’ve now partnered with Cisco. Yeah! So if you’re looking for Cisco’s open-SIP phones, ATAs, or headsets, give VoIP Supply a call and we would be happy to help you.
Mary Cheney:
That’s it for this month’s VoIP News update. Thanks for joining us, and always, yeah, like and subscribe. Yeah! Have a great month.

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