VoIP News Update | July 2021 – Grandstream, Snom and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we’ll be going over the new GRP model phones from Grandstream Networks, as well as, their new WiFi access point! Additionally, we will be covering new updates to Snom’s Partner Program Portal and fill you in on some current promotions that will help you upgrade and save!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey everybody. We’re back with another VoIP News Update. Grandstream has launched two new models to their GRP carrier-grade IP phone series. So let’s welcome the GRP2624 and the GRP2634. They’re both HD audio. They both have eight lines and they both have a swappable faceplate. They both have integrated Bluetooth and they are both dual gigabit. So let’s talk about the differences between these two models. The GRP2624 has the ability to add on an extension module, where the 2634 does not. Instead, the GRP2634 has a swappable paper insert.
Mary Cheney:
As mentioned earlier, when we were talking about the features of this GRP series of carrier-grade IP phones from Grandstream, they do also have the ability to have that swappable faceplate, which gives you the ability to customize those with your logos, or maybe your customers’ logos. Grandstream is releasing a new Wi-Fi access point. It is the GWN7660 Wi-Fi 6 access point.
Mary Cheney:
So if you haven’t already heard, Wi-Fi 6 is a thing and more and more manufacturers, specifically in this conversation, Grandstream is taking action and coming out with devices that are ideal for a Wi-Fi 6 environment. I wanted to highlight some of the cool features. The 7660 can handle up to 256 concurrent Wi-Fi devices. It has advanced QS to ensure real-time performance.
Mary Cheney:
Recently updated their channel program page and we wanted to highlight some of the great features that are available to resellers that are interested in reselling Snom, or if you haven’t registered, to sell Snom, you can do that through VoIP Supply. As we navigate through this, you can see, they have great benefit programs for sales leads for their enabled partners, marketing and support assets, and access to demo equipment. You’ll also find important documents on this page, including their channel partner policy, MAP policy, MAP pricing sheet, and their demo program policy.
Mary Cheney:
I also want to highlight their rebate program, which they have renewed for this year. This rebate incentive program is available to you until March of 2022, so you have plenty of time to take advantage of it. This rebate program is a great incentive to get your customers upgraded to the latest technology. You might be asking what’s eligible, so this rebate works for competitive equipment and also legacy VTech and Snom equipment. Check out the links in the description below for their rebate program.

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The Convenience of Mobile VoIP

These days VoIP is not limited to a computer, which is good news for those of us on the go. There are now mobile VoIP services that let you make and receive calls from your cell phone on a Wi-Fi network.

Superior Sound Quality in VoIP

The sound quality of VoIP didn’t use to be as crisp and clear as it is now. In its infancy the quality of the sound used to degenerate in direct proportion to the number of people using that particular pipeline. Thankfully, this is no longer true.

The Many Features and Conveniences of VoIP

You don’t have to do without your favorite features when you switch to VoIP. Most providers give you all the basic conveniences you’re used to with your landline such as caller ID with name, call blocking, call waiting and call forwarding. Many also include voicemail, 3 way calling, 411 directory and last number redial.

Potential Issues When Using VoIP

As with any technology, there are bound to be some glitches that need adjustment on the subscriber level. A reliable VoIP service provider typically has 24/7 after sales support available but it pays to understand these issues yourself. In this article, we explain some of the potential issues a subscriber may face when using VoIP.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) follows the same principle as traditional telephone service in that it transfers sounds over distance through electronic means. While a telephone uses speakers, wires and receivers, VoIP uses the internet to accomplish the same thing. In fact, VoIP is often referred to as broadband telephone.

How to Connect to VoIP

With VoIP, long distance and international are very cheap, if not free. It doesn’t matter how far you call-you can chat with your neighbor next door or a friend in India and it will usually cost you nothing except the charge you pay your internet provider each month.

Choosing A VoIP Phone System

VoIP phone systems can offer your business a lot of flexibility and cost savings. However, before you make that purchase, you need to determine what type of system you need, how well it will integrate into your current infrastructure and what types of changes will be needed so that it will run efficiently There are two types of systems available to the business owner and the number of users is going to largely determine which type of solution you choose. A hosted solution is usually adequate in situations where there will be less than 20 users.

Choosing Your VoIP Service Provider

Before you choose a VoIP service provider, you need to come to the table with information that will help you determine if a particular provider is a good fit. Things such as cost, features, support and reputation all come in to play to determine if you’re making the right choice.

What Is VoIP for Business?

VoIP for business is fast becoming a cost effective way for many businesses, small and large, to save money on their communication costs. VoIP is simply the transmission of a conversation over a network in the same way that you would transmit data when you hit the send button in your email.

The Benefits of VoIP

Telephones were a minor miracle when they went into service way back in the late 1800s. Since then there have been astonishing advances made, most notably VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service. If you have a personal computer, a laptop or even a SmartPhone you can save a lot of money and enjoy all the benefits of VoIP technology.

Before You Sign Up For VoIP

Searching out a VoIP provider is similar to choosing a cell phone provider-you want one that gives you what you need without charging you for services you don’t want. Before you sign up for VoIP service take a close look at the providers available, just as you would for any other service.

VoIP Billing System – Tools Of The Trade

Investing in a new VoIP billing system is a major undertaking for a company because of the level for which it runs. The systems and their options may vary from vendor to vendor so this article will explain the options from one of these companies.

Self Configuring VoIP Phones

Manufacturers are tying up with ITSPs to deliver VoIP services to customers. Find out how VoIP set up can be easy when your VoIP phones can configure themselves.

How VoIP Saves You Money

We’re all trying to save money these days and taking advantage of VoIP technology is one painless way of doing so. Not only is it financially painless but it can be more reliable than analog phone service.

VoIP Security Threats

VoIP has many advantages over traditional telephone landlines. But have you considered the issue of security? There are three main threats with VoIP: spit, fraud and denial of service, all of which can not only interrupt your service but compromise your business and personal information.

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