VoIP News Update | January 2022 – New Products from Fanvil & Yealink, POTS Lines, and More!

In this Month’s VoIP News Update, we welcome the new year with new products! We’ll take a look at the new Fanvil i6X Series of door phones and the new Yealink BH Series of Headsets! Most importantly, we will discuss the end of POTS lines and what you need to do!

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The Mystery of VoIP Phone Service

Get to know more about VoIP. Unravel its mysteries. Know why its making waves and the popular features VoIP users enjoy.

How Much Bandwidth Does VoIP Use?

These days everyone has more than enough bandwidth to place VoIP calls. You can achieve true HD voice quality with as little as 32 kb per second.

Women Owned Small Businesses Selling VoIP and Related Services

In recent times women have stepped into the mainstream business offering a variety of services, and have proven themselves to be tough professionals giving their rivals a run for their money. Needless to say that in today’s competitive market you have to compete with the best in order to be successful and stay at the top.

Small Business PBX for Better VOIP Based Communication

Is it suitable to use VOIP with Small Business PBX option? What do business enterprises have in mind at the beginning? Most of them wish to have low-cost, high-quality and latest infrastructure that can generate good return. The massive features of this communication interface make sure that all the latest calling functionality is embedded within this hosted interface.

What Codecs Can Be Used For Hosted PBX VOIP Communication?

The use of codecs is crucial for any business organization. These codecs are responsible to a great extent for getting the required Quality of Service. VOIP depends on internet and internet speed and bandwidth may vary. This is why it is essential to know which codec would be the most suitable for you before you make a choice of phone system to be used with your VOIP system.

5 Impressive Benefits That PBX Features Offer

Wondering what wonders PBX features can work? When enterprises started employing these features, they had never thought that these features will grow beyond the normal calling operations. Today, instant messaging, telemarketing, website integration, faxing and a number of other activities are being managed by this single system that is maintained from a remote location.

VoIP – Relegating The Role of Telecom Companies to the Background

Smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And this allows users to spend lesser and lesser time making telephone calls using traditional channels..

Let Your Business Move With You With PBX VOIP

Hosted PBX VOIP offers new ends to business mobility. Employees all over the world can manage their calls no matter where they are or what time it is. The concept of 24×7 services can be implemented with this system. This level of mobility can offer great benefits as all can be managed seamlessly from anywhere and at any time.

Interesting Facts About SIP Trunking

Communication technology is developing continually. From an analog signal that converts into a digital signal is a very good progress in the communication realm. SIP trunking is one communication technology that is still uncommon to the business world.

Enhancing Business Communication With Cloud PBX

Without a doubt communication is an essential part in business. Communication means an exchange of message through a sender going to a receiver. In business, it needs to have a constant flow of information to both parties to have an effective business deals and transactions. Organizing and planning a good business communication means you will have more opportunities for sales. There are several ways to improve business communications.

Four Reasons To Use a VoIP Hosted Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is used to transmit multimedia sessions and voice communications over the Internet. It is commonly implemented in telephone networks for business phone numbers, and provides companies with benefits that fixed line legacy telephone networks fail to offer. If your business uses a legacy telephone network that lacks VoIP technology, it has four reasons to replace it with a VoIP hosted phone system today.

Why Is VoIP Important and How Does It Work?

One of the most important things to point out is that VoIP is not limited to voice communication. In fact, a number of efforts have been made to change this popular marketing term to better reflect the fact that VoIP means voice, video, and data conferencing.

VoIP Questions to Ask

Transitioning to VoIP is a good idea. Plain and simple. Yes, transitioning to VoIP service may cost you a significant amount of money as you set up the technology needed. But the long-term cost savings associated with VoIP will more than make up for whatever initial expenditures you need to come up with to make the switch. On top of the cost savings VoIP also offers you organizational benefits that would more than justify its expense even if you failed to recoup your investment.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a VoIP Hosted Phone System?

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hosted phone system uses technology that transmits sound and video signals over the Internet. Ideal for companies that hold video conferences and make a high volume of long-distance telephone calls, VoIP telephone networks for business phone numbers are increasingly replacing legacy networks. In most cases, the changeover supplies businesses with financial and technical benefits, but there are also potential drawbacks to using VoIP networks.

Three Signs That Your Business Needs a VoIP Hosted Phone System

Most companies that buy telephone systems use them for a number of years, and it’s easy to see why: after investing in the hardware and paying to maintain it, exchanging the network for a new one can feel like surrendering a small fortune. Nevertheless, switching from a legacy network to a hosted phone system for business phone numbers that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be the best longterm option. In addition to not buying hardware or paying to maintain it, implementing a VoIP hosted telephone network will help your company save money on long distance calls and faxes.

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