VoIP News Update | February 2022 – Poly B-Series, Channel Partners, Redstone Systems, and more!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we’ll cover the top stories in VoIP! Including Poly B-Series IP phones getting certified for Google Voice, Channel Partners 2022 in Las Vegas, Redstone Systems Gateways, and more!

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Can Hosted PBX Services Make The Promise Of 24×7 Services Come True?

Today, almost all business organizations are making the 24×7 services to clients but are they ready for it. As far as the large business organizations are concerned, they have set up their premise based systems for communication. Can Hosted PBX services act as a strong pillar to support small business communication seamlessly?

How Can an SIP Trunk Benefit Your Business?

SIP trunking allows an already existing internal IP PBX to reach the outside world. It is an alternative to a hosted PBX system.

Virtual PBX – Beginner’s Guide for Home Based Users

With communication growing at a fueling pace, the home based business owners were finding it difficult to compete with the massive facilities supported by the large business organizations. This is what led to the intervention of Virtual PBX that could provide robust support to the communication infrastructure of small or home based business organizations. Wondering how?

Common SIP Trunk Questions

Business communication has evolved from a simple telegram to a state of the art phone system that enables them to accommodate more customers at once in a faster method. Mobile phones also played a pivotal role as it allows mobile communication and kept businesses running whilst on the go. Today a newer form of business communication is rapidly growing because of the many benefits that bring.

Business Phone Service Considerations: Do You Need VOIP?

At some stage, your small business will have to consider voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) if it has plans to expand. It is offered by virtually every business phone service provider and allows you to make calls over an Internet connection thus saving you a small fortune depending on your usage. It is also possible to connect a traditional handset to VOIP which enhances the voice quality, essential for companies that have a less than reliable broadband connection.

Lawful Interception With VoIP and Encryption

VoIP poses many challenges to government agencies seeking to intercept communications. Despite efforts to create a standardized procedure, technologies involving P2P models continue to thwart them.

5 Toll Free Number Benefits That Are Hard To Ignore

Why toll free number? This question bothers most of the small and medium scale enterprises today. This is because some of those that have implemented this channel have found the results to be really impressive. Find out the benefits associated with the implementation of this number into your existing phone channel.

Hosted PBX Providers Vs. SIP Trunk Providers

SIP Trunk Providers or Hosted PBX providers? Most of the small and medium scale business owners are confused at this point. The best ways to get out of this dilemma is to analyze both and find out the one that best suits your requirements. Based on the current requisites, expected future growth and the budget, an efficient communication system can be implemented for better profitability in the long run.

Hosted PBX – Massive Functionality for Small Business

Hosted PBX systems are massive functionality phone systems that can deliver the latest calling functionality to clients at a low cost. The benefits of this system include scalability, mobility and reliability along with the ease of calling and communication management in a seamless manner. The features of this system tend to provide a large business image.

Why Are Phone Alerts Necessary Today?

There have been numerous occasions where, in an emergency, people have been unable to reach the phone to call for help. This has lead to many unnecessary tragedies. However, with the usage of phone alerts these days, it is becoming a safer option for people who like to stay independent.

Phone Systems – Most Common Reasons of Breakdown

Telephone technology has evolved drastically since the first telephones were in use decades ago, but still one way or another, businesses rely heavily on telephone systems. Different types of phone systems have been part of this evolutionary process, which after serving their time have given way to other technically enhanced systems.

Smartphones Replacing Landlines

Along with cameras and ereaders, smartphones and mobile devices are replacing the landline as well. We can see this trend even in the business landscape.

How Facebook Could Become a Powerful Entrant Into the VoIP Scene

Facebook is displaying its ambitions in the VoIP industry through its message services. If it takes off, it would be a powerful counter to existing players like Skype.

How to Be More Productive With Your Voice

The spoken word is one of our most powerful tools whether in business or in our personal lives. Using it we can communicate far more quickly and precisely than we could in any other way, we can convey emotion and urgency, and we can inspire loyalty and enthusiasm.

Does Your Voice Over IP Network Have Quality of Service (QOS)?

When you purchase VoIP services from Internet providers, how much do they know about your network? You should not buy VoIP services without a network assessment. It does not matter if your network consist of one computer and one VoIP phone, or a network with hundreds of computer and VoIP phones. Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSP) should know something about your network to determine if your network can handle VoIP. Just having broadband Internet does not guarantee VoIP is going to work.

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