VoIP News Update | April 2022 – CPEXPO Recap, Sangoma Rebates, ITEXPO, and More!

In this month’s VoIP News Update, we recap our time at this year’s Channel Partners! Catch highlights, and info on some new products that we saw! We’ll also cover the Sangoma S-Series Rebate that’s running through June 2022, ITEXPO, and more!

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How to Reduce Operations Cost in VoIP Business

VoIP businesses need a working strategy to increase their customer base, lower their operational costs whilst significantly scaling up their ROI. Some of the new-generation softswitches are easily configurable through the administrative panel all by yourself.

VoIP Monitoring Service: How to Choose

There are steps to take to ensure that your VoIP is optimized to provide you with the best quality consistent service. One of these is implementing a VoIP monitoring service for your account. Here are suggested criteria in choosing the best VoIP testing company.

Why Pay Phone Bills When You Can Call For Free?

Why pay for your phone bills when you can call for free? Here is how VoIP calling can help you reduce your phone bills.

When Can VoIP Be Cost Ineffective?

Under the right circumstances, VoIP can be inefficient. Does your business fall into this category?

3 Cool Features of VoIP Phones

VoIP phones have a lot of great features that you don’t find in analog devices. Here is what they can do and why they’re special.

Gate IP Intercom System

A overview of a gate intercom system. The set up is based on a IP and SIP network.

Is VoIP Threatened by Anti Net Neutrality Rules?

VoIP is a prime target for anti-net neutrality practices. It’s frighteningly easy for ISPs who also own the phone lines to put a price tag on VoIP traffic if they want.

PSTN and VoIP – Which Is More Secure?

When talking about VoIP security, we must also look at whether or not the alternatives are any better. What are the benefits of PSTN over VoIP vis a vis security?

Benefits You Enjoy As a VoIP Reseller

International dealings have become part of our daily routine, be it in our personal lives or professional lives. This means we need to make international or long-distance calls almost every day, many times. But, if you keep using the traditional phones to make such calls, you are heavily billed, which may eventually affect your budget. It is, thus, that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), an excellently designed and fully functional digital phone device, came into the picture to easily fit your budget.

Scalability – One of the Best Benefits of VoIP

Apart from the overt features, VoIP allows administrators to deploy resources with unparalleled flexibility. These scalability options make VoIP a powerful communications option.

Everything You Should Know About Wholesale VoIP Service Providers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has so far reached major parts of the world, and it can undoubtedly be said that it is travelling at a fast pace to reach out to the rest of the areas as well. Over all these years since VoIP has come into the picture, people have increasingly been seen switching to it from the traditional communication systems. But, VoIP may actually fail to reach each and every corner of the world, until more aspirants come and choose to become wholesale VoIP providers.

VoIP Quality: What You Should Know

VoIP quality is affected by several factors. Manage your VoIP better by knowing them.

How VoIP Took Communication a Step Ahead

VoIP is an internet protocol telephony system, which has become increasingly popular for its advanced features in terms of allowing communication between two or more persons. VoIP, which stands for Voice over IP, is a system that works by converting analog signals into digital ones and then, the other way round so as to make communication possible between two calling parties.

How Softswitch Differs From Traditional Circuit Switch

Softswitch has modernized the way the telecom industry worked before. Assimilating a stream of solutions like voice, fax, data and video, the technology has transformed the basics of this industry. Below we will discuss how softswitch varies from conventional circuit switch.

Softswitch and Its Divisions

Softswitch is a central device in the telecom network that links calls from one phone line to another. Earlier, this work was carried out by hardware with physical circuit boards connecting the phone calls. A softswitch is particularly utilized to manage connections at a central point between switched and packed data networks.

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