Virtual Web Hosting Configuration on CentOS 7 with Apache

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Virtual Hosting is a method of hosting multiple domains on single server. If you have multiple domains (such as, and so on) and want to host on a webserver, Virtual Web Hosting is your right choice. Apache web server provides an easy way to manage Virtual Hosting. Virtual Hosting can be either Name Based or IP Based. In Name Based Virtual Hosting, multiple domains can be hosted on single IP address. On the other hand, in IP Based Virtual Hosting, each domain is mapped on a dedicated IP address. In this video, I will only show how to configure a Name Based Virtual Web Hosting on CentOS 7 Linux. IP Based Virtual Hosting will be shown in my next video.
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VoIP Billing Software – Make Billing Simple and Cost Effective

VoIP has become an important method of communication due to the cost cutting factor and its increasing demand has led to the need for a VoIP billing software to eliminate manual billing for wholesalers. It greatly reduces the complications and time spent in manual billing and has become a necessity for them. Read on to know more.

VoIP Billing Software – For Better Efficiency

There is a growing number of customer’s being added everyday who are using VoIP services. In such a scenario, manual billing is not a viable option of billing for wholesale service providers that cater their services to the resellers. Hence there arises a need for efficient billing software which can save time. Read on to find out more.

What Does the Best Landline Plan Include?

High monthly phone bills and long distance charges are a thing of the past! Save HUNDREDS of dollars annually on your local/long distance phone bills. Unlimited inbound and outbound domestic calling anywhere in the U.S.A, Canada.

Dialing Internationally – Worst Excuses Not to Call Your Family Abroad

It’s too easy to make excuses for not dialing internationally. Keeping in touch with family doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming if you follow a few tips.

VOIP Technology – Call the World

VOIP technology has been available for a number of years but as the speed of internet communication increases so does the performance and features from VOIP services. Let’s discuss some features and details.

Video Phone and Traditional Phone Features

The video phone may seem beyond your old-fashioned ideas of a telephone but it has all the traditional calling features plus more benefits and advantages that you don’t get from a regular phone or from non-digital phone service. Let’s explore the features available with a video phone.

Video Telephone With a Photo Telephone Feature

A regular phone can’t capture the moment from miles away but this video telephone can take a picture and give you memories in its digital photo frame. How can this be done? The holidays and special occasions provide such joy, especially with a video telephone.

VOIP – An Amazing Invention of Modern World

VOIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. It is such a phone system through which one can communicate with others via internet. To set up this communication, it is not so necessary to collect expensive technical devices rather only an analogue telephone adapter and high speed broad band internet is enough.

Voice Over IP – The Future of Telephony?

Voice over IP is the new buzz word in telecoms, but what is voice over IP and what does it mean to you as the end user? In its simplest terms voice over IP is the transmission of your voice over the internet to another user. There are many forms of voice over IP; most of us are familiar with Skype, MSN and other peer-to-peer programs.

Manging VoIP Traffic With Virtual LANs or VLANs

Explains the uses of using a Virtual LAN (VLAN) set up with your VoIP network. Also examines whether or not it’s really necessary.

VoIP Phone Service – Why Is It Called As the Future of Telecommunication?

Today telephone industry is dominated by the voice over Internet protocol that is VoIP Phone Service. Every second a large number of people are signing up with the VoIP Phone Service. This shows how much success it has achieved in just few years.

How To Make Phone Calls From Your Computer

If you’re human you have probably used a phone before. Billions of calls are made everyday, hundreds every seconds. The downfall to this great innovation is that it empties our pockets.

Cutting Edge Telecom Service

This article discusses the most advanced technology product in telecom services today. Home video phones are the latest and greatest in the telecommunications market, and won’t break the bank! These machines are far superior to and less expensive than your current home telephone.

International Dialing – How to Choose an International Calling Service

There are a few things to consider before choosing an international dialing service. A few tips can can a long way when it comes to choosing a great service.

Video Phones: Perfect for Out of State Grandparents or Complete Nightmare?

Times have changed. It’s an ever evolving and growing world. With these changes, family dynamics have changed as well. Living with or staying in the same hometown we were raised is not as common as it once was. For many children today, going over to grandma and grandpa’s house isn’t just a simple trip anymore. Air travel and the advancement of telecommunications have eased the burden of distance, but it’s still not like seeing your ones face to face.

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