Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE Wi-Fi Access Point Setup (Standalone)

Hello in this video I want to talk about connecting a Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite access point to Network and I’m going to be talking about this connecting it in standalone mode so with these access points, you can hook them into a UniFi controller which is like a centralized management application and You have lots of advanced features, but there’s also a mode where you can just connect this access point to a network So if you have love You know a basic home network and you want to add a Wi-Fi access point without you know A lot of complication you can plug this in and do that.

So What I have here is I have an iPad and I have the UniFi app I downloaded from the App Store and I have my Ubiquiti access point and I plugged it into the Ethernet cable You know use this power over ethernet. It’s in the instructions, you know, so you plug that in and then I think you have to do this within three minutes you want to go into the unify app and then you want to go to devices down here and say connect to AP and It will say you need to have access point plugged into your network that has dhcp server and the light needs to be white so Mine is I’ll hit next if your camera has not been turned on it will ask you to turn your camera on or allow it so I just scanned the QR code on the back of the access point and I’ll hit join and it’ll say connecting to Wi-Fi And it says finished So now it’s showing up and it was showing up it found it on its own but it’s showing up over here It says loading status Now I can go up here to the right upper right and I can say configure and you’ll see it says configure a standalone I’ll hit that button You can give the device a name you can enable the status LED so if this was in your bedroom, you may want to turn that off and then you can go to radios and you can turn the the 2G and 5G 2Ghz and 5Ghz radios on and off you can change the channel and the bandwidth and power I’m gonna leave this to default And then you can go into WLANs and you can have it it’s enabled automatically on the 2g so you can go down here to 5g and enable that We can set the security we can set the SSID.

So let me do that So I’ll change that to saucer and then it has the security key. I’ll change that to Password now don’t think I’m leaving this as password this just for the video If we go down to the 5g, we’ll change this to Saucer five and the encryption We’ll change that to wpa wpa2 personal and We can set this to password and Then we can hit back and Then you hit save This will save the configuration Okay, so that’s it so now this access point is on the network, I just checked it on another Device, it has saucer and saucer five so I can connect up to those types of password in and have Wi-Fi access so this is a Like I said, this is the basic solution.

The other one is where used a UniFi controller, but if you have one of these You know, this may be a good solution for some people if you want the advanced features then yeah You’re going to need a UniFi controller So if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. If you like this video, please click like and thanks for watching like.

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