Tips from Terry: What is the most valuable thing you learned at Codesmith?

Terry shares what he felt was the most valuable learning he took away from the Codesmith Immersive!

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This is Terry Tilley here from coat Smith what is the most viable valuable Thing that you learned at coach Smith is Really how to approach not knowing Something You'd be surprised At how you really act when you're like Immersed and you have to figure Something out and you don't even know Which way to start And it can be daunting it can be scary It can be frustrating but what cosmith Does is they teach you how to research Parse implement So you research the thing that you're Trying to figure out you parse through That research that documentation but Then you actually start and you try you Actually get in there and really start To Tinker with some things I found that Myself I was the kind of person that I Want to read all the instructions before I play the game and that's not that's Not really practical so you have to kind Of get in there and they taught me how To balance that

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