‘Time to Reboot?’ hosted by Huawei – Challenges and Opportunities for Women in the Workforce

Following the release of a survey conducted in seven countries on the potential impact of digitalization on women in the workplace, Huawei held ‘Time to Reboot?’, an expert panel discussion exploring insights on how to address women’s confidence in digital skills and more. #IWD #Empowerment #Diversity #WomenInTech

[Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Advice would you give to young women in The workplace especially working in a Male-dominated environment I Only one Center Maybe speak mentorship right and also do Reverse mentoring yourself I would like To say build yourself some serious Networks make yourself visible and most Importantly believe in yourself Forgive yourself if you made some Mistakes it's totally fine to make Mistakes but you have to learn from them Idly and just do it differently next Time and be strong and be fierce and He'll do it [Music] Foreign [Music]

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