The end of POTS is near! | Informational Webinar 2022

Are you prepared for August 2nd, 2022? Find out what you can do to transition your existing POTS lines to a new alternative service solution and how Sangoma can help!

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Enhance Customer Service With VoIP

Businesses are always looking for ways to enhance their customer service. And VoIP gives them a wealth of options to do just that.

What VoIP Can Do to a Business?

Owners of businesses of all sizes, from one-room startups, to multi-facility companies that have been around for years, and which require an excellent communications system, would do well to consider a VoIP system running on key equipment such as an Intertel phone system. Simply put, VoIP works.

Why Choose Cloud Telephony

Extra space in offices is always welcome. Whether due to expansion or needing storage space an extra room would always be welcome. So imagine a solution that can free up the space your phone system is currently taking up whilst also saving you money. An off premises solution is available in the form of a Cloud phone system which is hosted and managed by an external company.

The Promise of VoIP Calls and Interconnectivity

The only way we will be able to ensure complete VoIP interconnectivity is if every VoIP provider subscribes to an ENUM database. This will associate telephone numbers with their SIP addresses and allow for free calls between disparate VoIP service providers.

Revamped Skype Messaging for Android Perfected Finally?

It has been reported that Skype noted 100 million installs on Android OS. Maybe this was a great indicator that they need to bring some changes to its app. It’s reported that Skype has updated its app to 4.0 in order to bring new modern messaging. With this, Skype tries to bring their young users back on its platform and to compete with many messaging applications out there on the market.

How a Predictive Dialer Is an Efficient Dialing System

Efficient predictive dialer software has made the job of a typical call center agent much easier. With the help of this auto dialing software, it has become simpler for the call center staff to manipulate the data, easily increase call volume and prepare effective reports.

Reaching Out to Hundreds of People Through Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting has been used as an advertising method for a long time and it is a tried and true method that has many benefits to its credit. Using a simple phone messages and an attractive audio advertisement, you can communicate with potential and established customers to your business, while make others aware of specials or new services and products, or contact business leads without wasting hours out of your day cold calling. If your business is looking for a way to reach out to hundreds of people in an extremely fast and efficient manner, voice broadcasting is…

Getting Your Own SIP Domain Address

A business can get its own SIP address with its own domain name. This requires a paid SIP account where you can merge your email ID with Internet voice calling.

Predictive Dialer for Generating Valuable Leads

The predictive dialer is a web based application which has the ability to dial a huge list of phone numbers. It goes on checking which agents are available and are not busy in other calls. It then connects the calls to these available agents.

VoIP and Simultaneous Ring Phones

One of the most awesome features of a VoIP phone system is the ability to assign multiple devices to a single telephone number. This kind of “SIP forking” allows employees to harness their productivity no matter where they are.

Understanding SIP Trunk and Its Benefits

SIP trunk has long been used by many businesses around the world primarily to reduce their telecommunication costs. Sadly, not all business owners are aware of this incredible savings opportunity and some are just skeptical because of the fear of the unknown.

Calling Applications: What Defines a Successful Application?

The interface of a calling application plays a vital role. For instance, Kite Communication has the simplest interface ever. Connection The connection, call quality and the clarity is the real game. The crispier the call quality, the more popular the application is bound to get. This is one major area where most of the calling applications lack – they don’t deliver a good calling quality. Features

VoIP and Bandwidth Management

Most users will not face a bandwidth crunch while using VoIP given today’s Internet speeds. The mobile data market is the only one where they have to exercise a bit of caution.

Predictive Dialer for Telemarketing Company

Predictive dialer software is normally used by telemarketing companies involved in B2C (business to consumer) calling, because sales agents require more customer contact time. Market survey and debt collection companies need to contact and personally speak to people by phone may also use predictive dialers.

Predictive Dialer: A Computerized Autodialing System

A predictive dialer is a computerized automatic system which connects prospects to agents while dialing off of the contact list. The dialer has a huge number of outbound lines and dials phone numbers when an agent is available. Predictive dialers help to remove the frustration of manually dialing numbers that are not valid or do not connect. It easily saves agents time and the company money by making sure the agent has less downtime dialing.

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