T-Sun BLUE Outdoor Solar Lights | Driveway, Deck, Steps Solar Lights

Blue outdoor solar lights. In this video, I’ll be showing you some new blue solar lights I got to put around our house. You can use them anywhere including your driveway, steps, deck and more for it to look amazing!

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Solar charging: Automatic charging during the day. It opens automatically at night and closes at sunrise. Six high-quality LED bulbs emit super bright light and provide night lighting for up to 12 hours.

6 LED blue lights: It is not yellow or white light, but an appropriate amount of blue light, which can beautifully decorate your house or garden without disturbing your neighbors.

IP65 waterproof rating: IP65 waterproof rating can withstand any type of severe weather for a long time, such as heavy rain, blizzard or daily high temperature. The aluminum material ensures that the solar deck lights can be used in various outdoor conditions.

Pressure resistance: The pressure resistance of solar lane lights (maximum 2 tons). Even if a car or truck is driving on it, it will not be damaged. Safe enough to handle any road.

Easy installation: wireless setup and simple operation. Install solar deck lights by fixing it on the correct fence, path, stairs, wall, pillar or tree.

2 Years Warranty: Free replacement within warranty, 30 days return without reason.

These are perfect:
solar lights for deck
solar lights for steps
solar lights for driveway

These solar lights are made by TSUN also known as TSunLighting

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