Sowing Seeds for the Future

What are some key ICT technologies that can help improve our world? Follow 120 young talents from APAC on their #Seedsforthefuture journey as they solve global issues with their newfound understanding and passion for 5G, AI, ICT trends, and much more!

I expect to build a solution for Technical project we want to share the Future world improve the world into Another level I am sure that the goal Now today is to be the best one of Ourselves I get your idea I want to check the future But huh [Music] Be honest Foreign [Applause] [Music] So I'm providing on business Consulting To corporates and I know so I connect Young leaders from 201 countries to Students so my sdg sustainable Development goals Journey started back In like 2016. I attended this world Davos economic forum and I realized that There's so many like social issues Around the world and I realized the only Way that we can solve this is through Education Foreign [Music] So for the first um half of the session I talked about the importance of Sustainability and the next half I want The students to work on how we can Connect sustainability and ICT which is The main topic here and today We have created six different personas For you to work on for the next two

Hours you're going to choose one Persona And you'll be working on it So for students I prepared six different Personas people from different countries You have to pick one Persona and then Work on their needs and an issue and Once they see it once they Deep dive Into it they have to come up with a Solution solves the personas issues Through ICT I worked on a pill sauna too which is The elder elderly person Um Feel like a lonely in the rural area and The solution we come up with is that to Create a car sharing system which make The opportunity to communicate with Other people and easy to access the Medical like even in the paychecks like You know Movie secret ingredients so the Idea [Music] Today Let's follow the format of accordance The first thing we learned were about How we can actually use the sustainable Development goals to transform the Society second how we can actually find A problem and break it down to a Solution and third I got a chance to Learn about the social problems of Different countries so these were the Three men takeaways from that session [Music]

I hope they learned how it's so much fun Connecting with each other and then also There's so much fun talking with each Other because we are the only one who Can change the world because that's the Beauty of human beings and I want them To really have opportunity to learn About each other learn from each other My name is Edwin dander I'm Chief Innovation officer in our electric power Digitization business unit In the program the seats for the future We have broken down different sections Into different compartments with Respects to knowledge exchange the first Part is what I covered and which I'm Very humbled and honored for I was able And asked to introduce the overview of Who we are as a company What markets we Address how we are organized but most Importantly where the successes are in The different industries that relates Very strongly to talent talent Development and talent cultivation such As the program the seats for the future Infrastructure that requires operates Or be more efficient in energy Consumption and Power The energy verbs for the metaverse to Visit the Huawei headquarters is Actually one of my dreams there is a Speaker that shares about Huawei I think it's very good idea that Huawei Is trying to do it's about telling how

To solve the social issue and also to Bring everyone together with technology Make the technology accessible for People to people Thank you My name is I'm Chief technology officers Of Huawei Thailand I've been working With Broadway Thailand for 18 years now And my role is bringing the ICT and Digital technology from Huawei and Getting integrated different Technologies Very very positive to be honest I can See that the students not only just Listen to to our content but they think Following how they would be able to use These kind of Technologies and apply to Their countries Foreign The first day we'll learn about problem Breakdown like generally how we can Actually what are the problems the Worlds are facing and how we should Actually analyze them then we got a Real-time example of how the big Companies are solving that will be the Huawei for example Then followed by that We'll learn about the digital power like The Power Systems we got an example of The problem the world is seeing right And how we can contribute to that Then we learn about how we can how Should how to think like an entrepreneur How to break down a problem then after

That we learned about one of the really Powerful AI that we can actually use to Solve those problems What is AI [Music] Um I think overall the AI course is very Well structured the instructor was Amazing we learned not just the basics Of AI about how AIS actually run when it Comes to data and the databases but we Also went deeper into how AI is actually Applied in Real Life Cases Artificial Intelligence being a very important Factor for the tomorrow's technological Innovative world we enjoyed a lot to That class we came to know about strong AI weak AI super Ai and as well have Many different forms like natural Language processing speech recognition And Etc so summing up it was a great Style for our tomorrow Me The most significant thing that I Learned from the 5G class I was able to Understand how the Huawei is making a Great difference in the 5G ecosystem Within the whole Global International Society and how it has been upfront and A supporter of IG committed to all the Societies 5G if the next generation of The internet connection will have most High-speed and better connection as we All know communication is a very Important and a very crucial part of our

Daily life five GPS are very important Role in network communication we are Able to communicate faster than we can Do many tasks very easily like in the Health sector we can exchange Information we can use 5G in XR AR via To pass information and all so the task Can be done very easily Hi I'm Mike McDonald from Huawei Technologies welcome to chapter one of This course on digital power One interesting thing that I learned From class is about they so-called the Energy Cloud energy cloud is not about Transferring energy from one to another But to use the data as the power to Improve our sustainability of Environment and also our society the Class actually showed us demonstrate as A video about how digitalized can be It brings me a lot of impact [Music] What I don't get it And this is something important and I Think we are in a very you know cutting Game in the metaverse class and the Forum I personally shifted my Perspective towards metaverse whereas in The first phase I thought that metaverse Could only work as an entertainment Sector but after that Forum I opened Myself to think about metaverse being Used in increasing efficiency for many

Other places such as communication Whereas we can use it to lessen the Traffic and lessen the transportation Cost I am a guy who has been working With metaverse since a long time and Want to know more about it so thank you To metaverse XR I came to know the Different aspects of metaverse where the World is heading towards with metaverse And what problems we could solve with Metaverse in different sectors like Education at Tech fintech and medicine It's the most important thing Make the World's Gonna Make internet Two Dimension as in your phone to be Three dimension Perspective on like how humans like AI Taking replacements this is my first Time to see like projects that are doing With VR and also gaming and also like The nft and crypto stuff they explaining Us about how does it work and how they Um doing it I can't wait to learn what About those ICT Trends because I hope One day I'll be that person who present My projects and then be part of made of Us we consider metaverse as the internet Of place we hope that meta was Initiative we could create the Extraordinary experience and the Well-being experiences for the people The second aspect is that we recognize Matawas as the new digital Transformation

So many words for me is the collection Of Technology combining together but Ultimately it's about people so Regardless of Technology we are using Right It would be great for us to build the People and community that create Positive for the world and also make an Impact to the society [Music] [Applause] [Music] Wow [Music] Most of the apps we use in our daily Life rely on cloud computing Also cloud computing is another Interesting field as well in the past There were servers now it's just cloud Computing providers like Huawei AWS and Microsoft Azure so cloud computing there Were made various things I wanted to Learn one particular thing is about Cloud Computing Services there's Infrastructure service software service And many more so when to talk with the Mentor and I gain more knowledge on These services and cloud computing is Also even more efficient in terms of Transferring the data to the cloud and Getting it in real time the cloud Computing platform gives us this method For us to process so many data while Making it quick and make it more

Accessible especially in the future Since uh we're starting to go into this Era where big data is uh we're getting Access to bigger and bigger more data Foreign That I learned is that the future is Limitless because in a traditional Classroom setting back at home we learn About Technologies from the 80s 90s we Don't learn about Technologies on the Now however through this program what What happened was we got to know about Future Technologies other than that I Also learned a bit about the Technicalities of the Technologies Involved so I hope that I'll be able to Carry it forward in the future One of the things that I'm always asked Is do you have any advice for us or what Would what advice would you give you Know for us in our career or personal Development in my past I have to admit That sometimes I said you know follow Your passion I come to the realization that that is Actually not a good suggestion Find your passion so search try to see What you really love and then become Very good at it put in the hours put in The time learn to love it and love to Learn it because only then you're not Only able to find your passion but also To follow and boost your passion so find Your purpose

And you know be proud of yourself And also really learn about the social Issues that are happening in the world And you are the ones who can change it And if you don't do it who else is going To do it and if you don't do it now then When are you gonna do it so yeah good Luck with it The competition is going to be on August 27th and we will be pitching on that Morning we're doing so far so good just Keep up the good work and let's make it To Singapore we come together especially With a group of other inspiring people We're making new connections around Shared interests such as the sustainable Development goals technology this Shouldn't be a moment but it should be a Movement [Music]

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