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In this video, we will unbox the Snom C620 Wireless Conference Phone! This conference phone is truly wireless! Everything from the base station to its wireless expansion mics offers complete freedom for your conference room, no matter the size!

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Hi everybody, I’m Mary Cheney. Marketing Manager here at VoIP Supply. And today we’re going to be unboxing Snom’s wireless conference phone that uses 6.0 DECT technology. So, let’s get to it.
Okay. So let’s start unboxing the C620. So, we have our quick installation guide and there’s a lot in this box, so get ready.
So we have the Snom C620 unboxed, let’s put it together. Here we go. All right, so, we’ve unboxed it, we’ve fully assembled it. So, we’re going to talk a little bit about the different components.
So right here, you’ve got your base station, and again, this is kind of what makes it wireless. You’ve got two wireless mics here, so this gives you the ability to kind of expand on a conference table. So, if you’ve got a really large room and you need to have the ability to have those people heard through that call, you can take these off and place it wherever they are. And, they do give you the ability to mute right from there. So you can hit these buttons. These are not fully charged yet, and we’re not on a call, so you’re not going to see that work, but they both come off.
This is your charging dock for the actual conference phone. And, as you saw through the video, we had to put the batteries and both the wireless mics in the conference phone itself, but it really comes with everything that you need. And, it even had a little screwdriver and the screws so that we could put the back down and you can see, it says it’s charging right now. These steady orange lights mean that it’s powering up. And, then when you’re on a call, these lights will actually turn green. And, if they are red, that means that you are muted or that there’s a new message coming in. If you see these lights flashing orange slowly, that actually indicates that you need to set the conference phone on the charging dock.

The C620 also has wireless expansion capabilities, giving you the ability to collaborate in a larger conference room setting. You can pair up to two, C52 SP DECT expansion speakerphones to increase the volume and microphone pickup for 21 or more active participants. One other thing that Snom does that a lot of the other manufacturers don’t do, is they actually offer up a three-year warranty on this particular device and many of their other devices. So, that’s pretty awesome. And I think that stands by their quality and just customer support and service for their products. So, yeah, this one definitely comes with a three-year warranty.
So, there you have it. There’s the Snom C620 wireless conference phone. Again, this is a really neat product. A lot of people might be asking, “Why do you want a wireless conference phone?” Well, if you’ve ever been in a large conference room or even a small conference room, there are wires hanging out, or you’ve got to figure out what to do with those wires. So, this really eliminates the planning of how you’re going to navigate wires in your conference room because you can basically put the charging station near one of the outlets, have your base station wherever you want.
It can be on a shelf, make it part of your decor in your conference room. But, then this can really just sit on the conference table. You can, as we said, you can pull off the little wireless mics. Give yourself a little bit more freedom in the conference room. But yeah, the actual device itself, I mean, if you really wanted to, you can walk around the office and talk on it. But, it’s just a really neat product. Very well thought out. It’s compatible with many of the service providers out there.

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