Smartbot Pump Review & Demo | Smartbot Sump Pump 1/2 HP

Smartbot Pump review. In this video, I’ll demo this powerful 1/2 HP sump pump by Smartbot.

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Powerful and Quick: Pumps water 1.4X faster than other pumps. With an open impeller, flow rate of up to 2800 GPH and max lift up capacity of 25FT, this 1/2 HP submersible water pump can make standing water disappear quickly, eliminating the danger of flooding.

Auto-Flo Technology Saves Time and Effort: Smartbot’s US patented Auto-Flo sensing technology detects rising water levels and automatically pumps out water, eliminating the risk of water damage. When Auto-Flo detects a water level of 2” (approximately 50.8 mm), the water pump is immediately turned on. When water level drops to below the normal level, Auto-Flo shuts down the pump to protect the motor from burns due to dry running.

Knock Over Operation & Dry Run Protection:Works automatically even when accidentally knocked over. It monitors the water level and stops automatically when the surrounding water level drops to a normal level, is lower than the impeller, or if it encounters a blockage. The sensor prevents the machine from dry running and eventual machine failure.

Smart and Portable: Small But Mighty at just 8*7*10 inches. You can easily carry the Smartbot from the basement to the garden or pool at any time, to effectively drain all the water. This small pump can drain basements and silos affected by floods, drainage wells, rainwater collection tanks, roofs, etc.

Smartbot Submersible Water Pump, 1/2 HP, Flow Rate 2800 GPH, Max Lift 25 Ft, 6 Hose Kit, Small Portable Electric Utility Pump, Auto-Flo® Automatic Switch, Knock Over Operation

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