Skills Every Dev Needs – Time Management #shorts

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So if there's one single thing that Kills your productivity as a developer It's definitely bad time management Skills and procrastination and that's Two things believe me I speak from Experience I would do anything to avoid Getting back to work whether it be Scrolling through Twitter or just Watching random videos on YouTube about Crocodiles or something So what I try and do now which works Better for me is I will get all of that Procrastination out of the way early I Will go on Twitter Youtube whatever it May be for about half an hour first Thing in the morning and just totally Flush it out the system and then I split The rest of my day up into our segment So I really focus on working for an hour At a time and then take a 10 minute Break between each our segment and that Really keeps me focused through the day I don't really feel the need to Procrastinate and I end up getting quite A lot done

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