Site to Site SSTP VPN Configuration between Two MikroTik RouterOS

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology provides a secure and encrypted tunnel across a public network. So, a private network user can send and receive data to any remote private network through VPN tunnel as if his/her network device was directly connected to that private network.

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) transports PPP tunnel over TLS channel. SSTP uses TLS channel over TCP port 443. So, SSTP VPN can virtually pass through all firewalls and proxy servers. Because of using TLS channel, encrypted data passes over SSTP Tunnel. So, there is no chance to steal data by a middle man attacker and data can send and receive across public network safely.
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Internet Telephony – Something Wonderful To You!

These days, the use of internet enables the use of Internet Telephony indeed. You would probably find that different types of programs are designed for people to put themselves into the use of this kind of program indeed.

Internet Telephone – The Right Product That You Would Like

Some people think that there are a lot of restrictions they would need to suffer when they try to use the Internet Telephone technology. However, the fact is that they would not actually need to suffer a lot because there would be a lot of companies working on this issue and it would not be difficult for you to find that these companies are trying to improve the plans.

The Service That You Should Get With Internet Telephone

In recent years, the development of Internet Telephone is something wonderful indeed. You would easily find that there are different kinds of companies working on the development of this type of program.

What Makes You Think Internet Telephone Is Your Wonderful Option?

Internet Telephone is one of the options that people can try to choose when they are interested in using new methods to contact their friends. There are plenty of people who find that the Internet Telephone is something perfect to them indeed.

The Important Tips For Beginners For Internet Telephony

Internet Telephony is one of the things that people would like to study nowadays. It is not surprising for you to find that this kind of thing is very popular nowadays. There are hundreds of providers providing the software or programs for the users to enjoy the Internet Telephony indeed.

How Your Business Can Benefit From a DS3 T3 Line

Before starting out to describe the advantages for your business when using the D3 line, it would be great to quell the main controversy surrounding the D3 line; i.e. D3 line is the same as the E3 line. They are as different as they sound.

VoIP Review: What Are the Advantages of VoIP?

If you are still using your regular phone to make long distance and international calls, think about VoIP service. See why VoIP has several advantages over your regular phone.

SIP Trunking Proves Critical Link for Business Telecom

Fierce – If there was a single word that would describe the immense competition in the business world today, it would be the world that begins this article. Monopoly has virtually vanished from the world markets and even the big brands are facing stiff competition from small players – thanks to the better communication channels, faster access time and huge disposal of business related content on the internet.

How Skype Has Changed the Way People Call Home

Doesn’t seen like you are forever looking at your bank balance when you make that call back home. If you are like most immigrant people who have left their loved ones back in Africa in search for a better life, you still have the need to call home. But the cost of calling Nigeria can be very expensive especially if you don’t know any secret ways on how to make really cheap international calls.

Types of VOIP Services Available to Improve Your Customer Service

Explains how VoIP can dramatically improve the customer service of companies. There are many such applications which can improve the relations you have with your customers.

Phone Systems and IP Telephony Facts

Not all people can grasp the concept of VOIP or IP Telephony. What does it do? What are the requirements? How much does it cost? Why are small and large businesses getting into it?

Compare IP PBX, VoIP PABX, Virtual PBX, and Standard Phone Systems

Introduction: Are you unsure whether which phone system is right for you? Is it IP PBX, VoIP PABX, Virtual PBX, or a standard system? We will give you some basic hints on what they are and what may help you.

Improve Your Transactions and Earn Profits With the Help of Business VoIP

Voice over Internet protocol is a cutting-edge technology that allows the end-user to make calls virtually. If you have a good quality of net connection, you can enjoy a service through your online connection rather than your local telephone company. Once limited to big time companies and enterprises, improvements in the said technology made it possible for small organizations to utilize it as well.

magicJack – Replacing Yesterday’s Landlines

Do you remember a few years ago when everyone began dropping their land line telephones in favor of using cell phones only, and warnings went out that it wasn’t a great idea? In some cases, it’s still not a great idea. If you lose your cell phone, leave it in your car overnight (and are therefore “unreachable”) or it becomes destroyed or damaged to the point where it isn’t working properly, then what happens if you have an emergency?

Is VoIP The Solution For You?

VOIP is taking the world by storm but many people still are hesitant to choose VOIP as their communication solution. For both personal use and business, the VOIP technology available makes great sense.

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