SIP Chats: Welcome Back Tommy Lee of Fanvil

In this episode of SIP Chats, VoIP Expert Brian Hyrek welcomes back Fanvil’s Vice President of Sales: North America, Tommy Lee! This time, Tommy has a lot to tell about Fanvil’s brand new line of IP Phones, the V-Series! Additionally, learn about Fanvil’s new line of IP Doorphones, the i6 Series, and more!

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Take a closer look at the new Fanvil V-Series of IP Phones here:

Learn more about the Fanvil i6 Series of IP door phones here:

See ALL Fanvil products here:

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VOIP – What It Does and What The Benefits Are

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a type of phone service that allows you to make calls over the internet. You do not have to have a local phone service at all, and VOIP is often more cost-effective because it has a number of features that traditional phone services do not offer, and in many cases, it is actually cheaper than other phone services. The Equipment Needed for VOIP To make VOIP calls, you first have to have an internet connection.

VoIP Phone Service Review: Which VoIP Phone System Services Are Best For Your Home / Small Business?

If you are not already aware, the term VoIP is an acronym for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. The technology used to power VoIP is essentially collecting an analog audio signal and converting it into a digital signal that can then be streamed via data networks and re-interpreted at the destination. The VoIP is an internet phone that will allow you to call anybody, anywhere, even internationally, as long as your recipient has a valid phone number!

How a Cloud Phone System Can Help Your Business

Most businesses are forever looking for ways to help their businesses be more productive. Greater productivity means growth potential, and growth means the opportunity for greater profitability, the end goal of every business.

Predictive Dialer for Telemarketers

If you own or manage a call center, a predictive dialer is an ideal solution for your agents and a great way to increase productivity of your company. This type of dialer is the best technology available in the market today that can optimize the efficiency of your call center.

Get Closer to Your Online Customers With VoIP

Traditionally, the Internet has always been a separate medium from the regular phone lines. Using VoIP however, you can bridge these two worlds to increase customer interaction.

Session Border Controllers – More Than Just a Voice Firewall

Session Border Controllers represent a relatively new technology stream, and were born of the need to adequately secure IP based voice peering traffic between carrier networks in the 1990s. The carrier core network migration from fixed TDM style networks to the more flexible IP based SIP and H.323 networks brought an unexpected security challenge, as carriers now had to peer via the more vulnerable IP layer as opposed to the predictable physical layer used before.

Maximize Profits Through the Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a system which increases the productivity and revenue of a call center because the employees don’t need to place calls manually. This way the staff working at the call center just needs to talk with your customers and give them better support to get more leads and thus improving profits. With the help of this software they never have to dial a single number and wait for someone to answer. This saves an incredible amount of time.

VPN and VoIP

In this article, we examine the benefits and drawbacks of two “technologies”. VPN and VoIP. VPN technology allows us to use the Internet so that we can be a member of a remote network with ease. It also offers security algorithms (security protocols). VoIP on the other hand, allows us to use the Internet in order to make phone or video calls without expense, by using our Internet access. We can also combine these two technologies in order to enjoy their benefits in our everyday lives.

How to Effectively and Efficiently Use VoIP on Business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be an affordable and efficient way for a business owner to control communications within the business. In fact, the benefits of using VoIP as your business phone system is far beyond what you might initially think.

Automatic VoIP Provisioning

Despite the ease of use, setting up VoIP phones remains a weak link. Automatic provisioning solves this problem with a plug n play system.

Plug N Play VoIP Phones With an SIP Service

You can use many different devices with a VoIP network. Old landlines, softphones and even dedicated VoIP devices.

VoIP Security Assessments: Buzzword or Necessity?

VoIP security has its costs. Is it worth spending thousands of dollars on audits if you’re a small or medium sized business?

Better Lead Generation Through Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting technology is a bulk voice calling automated dialing platform. The system plays prerecorded messages used for mass communication. Bulk voice messages are prerecorded voice messages in nature, which can be sent to any phone or mobile device. Voice Broadcasting is an effective technological invention which allows advertisers to target a specific list of contacts with their message of choice.

Get Ready for the Holiday VoIP Traffic

Make sure that your VoIP performs at its best during the holiday season with these tips. Family and friends should be able to reach you easily through solid VoIP service.

Locked or Unlocked Phones: Which Is Better for VoIP?

Locked phones are the bane of innovation. Telecom carriers would like to prevent apps like VoIP becoming popular and phone locking is the perfect medium for this.

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