SIP Chats: Welcome Back Simon Bradbrook of Snom

Tune in to this ‘must-see’ episode of SIP Chats, where we host Snom Sales Engineer, Simon Bradbrook! Simon will discuss brand new and game-changing solutions from Snom. Including their new M5 Series of DECT phones and so much more!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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MGCP – What Is It Used For?

MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) was developed from two Internet Protocols known as SGCP (Simple Gateway Control Protocol) and IPDC (Internet Protocol Device Control). It is used by Call Control Agents in VoIP systems to control the actions of a Telephony Gateway. MGCP was developed as part of the Internet Protocol Suite and the ITU-T had a standard that performed a similar function known as H.248. A working group known as MEGACO was formed to promote interoperability between the two standards.

Hosted PBX Allows for Predictable Cash Flows

If you’re going to use VoIP, then a hosted PBX system allows you to manage your cash inflow better than other set ups. That’s always a good thing for a business.

VoIP Trunking in Brief

The term “VoIP Trunking” usually refers to a trunk connection between a customer VoIP Network and the VoIP service provider who provides the connection to the Public Voice Networks such as the PSTN and Mobile networks. The VoIP Trunk is also more often called a SIP trunk after the protocol used to setup, manage and clear calls. This protocol is called Session Initiation Protocol.

Employment Positions in Telecommunications

There are plenty of branches of study that stem from a telecommunications degree. With this broad specialization, understanding the different routes one can take to find the perfect job after graduation can be helpful.

Why a VOIP Telephone System Is Vital For Small Business

Communication is an imperative part of many businesses from newly-established and small business to multinational companies. Nowadays, there are lots of ways for businesses to efficiently communicate, but what has emerged as the most preferred method of communication is undeniably the VoIP phone system.

Should Customers Be Aware of the Switch to VoIP?

Many telecom companies are now making the transition from copper wire to IP based systems. Should the consumer even be aware of these changes?

How Is the VoIP Transition Affecting Customers?

Telephone companies are quickly replacing all copper lines with digital ones. However, they need to follow certain rules while doing so.

The Last Days of On-Premise VoIP Systems?

All the data seems to be pointing towards the dominance of hosted VoIP. On-premise networks on the other hand will gradually fade out.

New Regulations As Telcos Move to VoIP?

VoIP has been relatively free of government regulations so far. But as telcos begin to make the switch themselves, will they be subjected those as well?

What Lync Services Are and What They Can Offer a Business

Being able to communicate with fellow employees is essential to businesses. Lync services offer a computer-based method of communication with added features that can make working much easier.

What Are the Different VoIP Businesses I Can Start?

So you want to go in the VoIP industry and open up your own VoIP company but not sure what you want to sell exactly? Here is a guide of the different services you can offer

Consider IP-Based Phone Systems for Your Growing Business

If your business is outgrowing its analog or digital telephone service, consider the advantages of an IP-based service utilizing phone systems. A variety of options are available depending on how you use the service and your business size.

Exploring Options in VOIP Service Providers

Before you make a final choice, explore your options for VOIP service providers. Different companies offer options and pay scales that can fit various needs.

VoIP: How to Plan for Bandwidth and Calculate Costs Savings

Many different factors affect the financial outcomes of a migration to VoIP, but the core question is, “How many calls of a given quality does my business need to make at any point during the day?” Knowing the answer – and it’s not always the easiest question to figure out – will give you the ability to assess your potential for savings in VoIP.

Different Methods of Enjoying Cheap International Calls

There are many ways that you can speak to people free of charge from your computer if they have mobiles or phones. This is through the VoiP or Voice over Internet protocol or over the internet telephony that had turned the phone to be upside down. In all cases and regardless of wherever the cheap international calls starts, it makes its path within the web site.

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