SIP Chats: Welcome Back Scott Farrell of Algo

In order to celebrate our 10th episode of SIP Chats, we brought back fan-favorite, Scott Farrell of Algo! Scott will discuss how Algo’s IP speaker and paging solutions are helping the return-to-office movement and more!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

Algo’s IP paging solutions are now Zoom Certified! Learn more here:

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How to Find the Best VoIP Provider in the Market

Are you in search of the best VoIP provider? Nowadays, VoIP phoning system is the talk of the town, especially if you are in search for superior phone services at economical rates. VoIP phoning system is also an effective system for an economy that is constantly on the move. It can help businesses and business owners to keep their business on the go. The birth of VoIP phone systems bring superior communication transmission with a price not hard on the pocket.

Clear Conference Calling With VoIP

One of the many benefits of integrating VoIP communications into your business is the awesome conference capabilities. Clarity and low-cost are hallmarks of this service.

The Benefits of VoIP for Small Medical Practices

According to an article on the Mobile Healthcare Today website, the healthcare industry has been slow to embrace the advantages of VoIP technology. While Voiceover IP services are used throughout the world as a means of connecting businesses through various applications like video and phone conferencing, use among hospitals and clinics is said to occur at a lower rate. Security concerns top the list of reasons why healthcare in general has not committed to regular VoIP use, though mediocre system implementations may be the cause of that. When applied properly, VoIP technology could provide hospitals and clinics with strong telephony and connectivity.

How to Make More International Calls for Less Money

Distance can put a communication gap between loved ones when one person moves overseas. But with phone calls, families can still remain close. Here’s how to make more international calls without breaking the bank.

Cloud Based PBX – The Way to Go?

PBX services used to be confined to physical hardware companies stored inside their offices. Hell, lots of PBX phone systems still work this way, operating locally to provide their users with the warm and fuzzy sense of controlling their communications technology. PBX systems hardly represented the only communications technology focused around locally stored hardware.

Why Are VoIP Calls so Cheap?

Many people are surprised when they hear about how cheap VoIP calls are. In reality, it’s a very simple explanation. The best part is that VoIP calls will become even cheaper as time goes by.

4 Tips for Making International Calls

When you move overseas, making phone calls can be costly and difficult. However, by using these tips people are able to make phone calls to the people they love easily and for less money.

Significant Factors of Business VOIP

One of the added benefits of VoIP is the absence of a disconnect between data and voice. This enduring connection between data and voice in VoIP means an efficient collaboration between software applications and voice communications.

Hosted VoIP Solution: Transitioning To SIP Trunking

Considering transitioning to VoIP? Here are some questions to ask before selecting the right carrier.

Advanced Broadband Connections Are a Necessity for VoIP

As an Internet-based application, VoIP is intimately dependent upon a reliable and inexpensive broadband connection. Unfortunately, vested interests are against the widespread proliferation of this important technology.

VoIP Explained in Plain English

So what does VoIP really mean and how does it work? VoIP means “Voice Over Internet Protocol”, it does not mean “Voice Over THE Internet”. In fact the Internet is the most likely place you’ll experience that classic poor quality VoIP call. This is because the Internet is a public domain similar to a public road. When the public road has peak hour traffic, it’s likely you’ll experience congestion and an unpleasant journey. Like roads, congestion also affects telephone call traffic. The only way to ensure quality is to avoid the public Internet completely using only private data networks.

Benefits of Hosted Dialer Technology

Vioteck provides solutions for hosted dialing including a predctive dialer and an auto dialer system that will help you in many ways. Before we go into the benefits of using a hosted dialer, it is important to know exactly what hosted dialer technology consists of. A hosted dialer uses an Advanced Adaptive Algorithm, Voice Over Internet Protocol, and Cloud Technology to run a predictive dialer or auto dialer program over the Internet.

Offerings of IP Telephony Service Providers

As the new technology emerges and make waves in the market, there would be a corresponding increase in the IP telephony service providers to service the equally growing number of businesses demanding for this service. Service provider With the mushrooming of IP telephony service providers in the market, it may be quite difficult to choose the best one for the business. There must be certain criteria which a business must look and confirm in a service provider offering this services.

Variety of Business VOIP Phones

VoIP technology is great for assisting small businesses in becoming more competitive with a lower phone bill and more business opportunities. They can compete against the bigger players in the industry with the proper VoIP telephones installed.

Factors Tipping Towards a Hosted VOIP Service

A hosted VOIP service is getting popular today with the growing demand of its services due to the progressive technology that brings on quite a number of compelling advantages. Total Cost of Ownership The total cost of ownership or TCO is one of the major factors in considering a hosted VoIP system. As a cheaper solution over the traditional onsite IP PBX system, the hosted system is more favored as one can consider business expansion with geographically dispersed branches and numerous customer locations.

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