SIP Chats: Vin Imbesi of Mobotix

In this episode of SIP Chats, VoIP Expert, Brian Hyrek invites our very own IP Camera Expert, Tom Uhteg to have a chat with Mobotix Regional Sales Manager: US East, Vin Imbesi! They will discuss the impact Mobtoix is having in the workplace as people begin to migrate back to the office and more!

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Affordable VoIP International Calls

If you want to make affordable international calls, you should consider VoIP service. Read this guide to learn more about making international calls via VoIP.

Satellite Internet VoIP and Satellite Telephones

Satellite Telephones have become the breakthrough internet solution over the hassles of long delays when one uses a dial-up modem connectivity system. Not only is the system helping remote residents, it is also improving the productivity of small and big sized businesses.

VoIP Providers and Voice Over IP Services

With VoIP Solution, the need to make long distance calls and the burden with paying costly international call fees are eliminated. One can even see the person on the other line in real time format. VoIP is the tool well loved especially by small businesses.

Choosing Your Email Fax Services

Having a fax to email service can be of immense benefit to any business organization. Earlier, businesses had to make do with clumsy facsimile machines that occupied a lot of floor space and the operations were mostly inefficient and messy. The advent of Internet service is a technological leap in the sphere of business communications and sending fax messages over the internet is simple, quick and effective.

VoIP Phones Vs Softphones

VoIP is flexible enough to be used with many different types of devices. The two main categories are dedicated VoIP phones and general purpose “soft” phones.

An Introduction to VoIP Security

You may have heard of this word VoIP somewhere before and it may mean something about being able to call someone else over the internet. Read this article for an introduction to VoIP security.

VoIP and the Promise of Unified Communications

Unified communications has long been held up as the holy grail of connectivity. What role does VoIP have to play in this and far away is that day?

Four Great Features About VoIP!

VoIP is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing forms of telecommunication due to it’s increasing reliability, quality and most importantly how cheap service is when compared to traditional telephone services. Some of the best VoIP providers cost less than $10 a month!

Native SIP VoIP Calls on the Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus is Google’s latest flagship product. You can use Ice Cream Sandwich to make SIP based calls using in built VoIP support.

How Switching to VoIP Will Save You Money

Market research shows that the largest reason customers switch phone services from standard communication services to VoIP services is because of the huge drop in price. Many of the nations largest phone companies charge on average over $30 for their basic service while VoIP providers on average charge a fraction of that while also offering more features. The best VoIP companies offer a variety of services for your dollar and just because the price is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean the service is too!

Efficient Switch for VoIP Billing System

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol billing is one of the most widely adopted systems online. The feat is achieved using either packet switch network instead of the traditional circuit switches system.

VoIP For Businesses – Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers a range of advantages to business organizations, prompting them to shift to it from the conventional PSTN (Public Switch Telephony Network) system. Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding VoIP technology.

Google Gives Free VoIP in 2012 As Well

A short while ago, I had predicted that Google would end its VoIP service for the year 2012. I was wrong.

The Evolution of PBX System

The entire telephone system revolution started many decades back in a primitive way with operators connecting callers to various extensions using switchboards and cords. The term PBX system meant a range of devices with differing capabilities.

800 Numbers for the New Generation

Toll-free telephone numbers became so popular that FCC was forced to issue a new prefix 888 in anticipation of the depletion of all possible 800 numbers. But, the new 888 prefix lasted only two years before completely running out.

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