SIP Chats: Tommy Lee of Fanvil

In this episode of SIP Chats, VoIP Expert Brian Hyrek sits down with Fanvil’s Vice President of Sales: North America, Tommy Lee! Brian and Tommy discuss several different offerings from Fanvil, including IP phones, door access points, and even programs like Fanvil’s Customer Branding and Demo Kit Program! So get comfortable, grab your coffee, and enjoy!

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Broadband VoIP – Phone System of the Future

Today the telephone has become extremely important for everyone. It makes it possible for you to keep in touch with your family and friends and/or business acquaintances.

How to Find a Perfect VOIP Softswitch

If you are thinking about starting a business as a VoIP provider, then one of the first things to consider on your path will be purchasing a softswitch platform. Now that there are more companies on the market that offer such specialist products, which of these offers will be the most professional and will meet your even the highest expectations?

VoIP Services – The Future of Telecom

Making phone calls from one PC to the other is now an old fashioned thing. The days have passed when you needed to stick to your computer in order to make and receive phone calls.

VoIP and Battery Life Issues

Some users of mobile VoIP might find their battery life severely impacted by the usage of VoIP services. There are a few ways to get around this and upcoming technology might render this a moot question.

VoIP Phone Systems: Reliable, Flexible, Inexpensive and Feature Rich

VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, has made clunky old analog systems obsolete. With VoIP phone systems, you have all of the advantages of analog service with none of the disadvantages. Let’s take a look at how they compare.

Are We Becoming A Society Glued To Our Cell Phones?

In today’s world of telephone technology and endless possibilities, internet cell phones are becoming increasingly popular in everyday society. More and more people are becoming accustomed to living with their cell phones tightly fastened to their hips, only inches away from a dial and a click. Children as young as nine can be seen on playgrounds or school halls using their BlackBerrys or Motorola telephones. Are we becoming a society glued to our cell phones?

Benefits of BlackBerry Service for Small Business

Technology has severally revolutionized our lifestyles drastically. We as humans have come a long way in terms of development from the time of our evolution. It is something that we ought to be proud about and take a lot of pride in how we have been able to achieve so much. However, ironically, though these developments and advancements were made with the intention of simplifying life and leading a far more advanced, secure and comfortable life, our world has become busier than what it was back then as now we severally depend upon these technologies for survival.

VoIP Phone Systems For Small Business-Top Features

Small businesses have to be able to compete with global businesses, on a global scale – and generate revenue while staying in budget. The last thing a small business can do is spend a lot of money on a phone system. This is where VoIP phone systems can help – their features are numerous at a price that most small businesses can afford with relative ease.

VoIP Phone Systems Features: For Over 25 Users

VoIP phone systems are the most practical and cost-effective investments for large offices – any office that has over 25 users on and off-site. Below is a brief guide to help determine the selection of VoIP phone systems for large businesses – five items to consider prior to making a purchase.

PBX Systems For Small Offices

Small business PBX systems are key to cost-effectiveness and unified communications between offices. There are six distinct advantages to using a PBX system for a small business, as described below.

IP Phone Systems For Large Businesses

Many people confuse IP phone systems with VoIP phone systems. Yes, they are the same in some ways, but different in one important factor for large businesses. They both provide voice transmission through Internet Protocol (hence “IP”), and packages for both provide similar services (such as Text-to-Speech/TTS, Interactive Voice Response/IVR, etc.). So from the outside, they look alike. But they differ in one main way that a large business should consider.

Should You Choose a Proprietary VoIP Client?

There are a plethora of VoIP applications available on the Android and iPhone market. Many of them are proprietary products with no interoperability between the others. How desirable are these applications?

International Calling Needs: Selecting the Best Phone Service

As the world becomes more global and people are more migratory moving to further reaching locales, the need to keep in touch with family and friends back home is ever present. Yet, international calls can be incredibly expensive. When reviewing international calling rates it can seem as if the phone companies mark up the costs incurred by migratory communities as those countries with large populations of global expansion cost much more than more isolated areas.

Make Affordable Calls With The Cheapest VoIP

Internet has narrowed the communication gap between people by various ways. The latest technology called VoIP allows affordable communication for everyone around the globe via the internet.

Future of the Phone System

The future of the phone system is set to rock on for the features of this phone are just out of the world. It is a revolution in and is sure to rock and bring in new sense of communication which is very easier and trendy. Most imperatively it enhances the business by providing project grade telephony options that help the firms to get nearer to their customer that is initially overlooked given the compelling value edges.

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