SIP Chats: Simon Bradbrook of Snom

In this episode of SIP Chats, your host and VoIP expert, Brian Hyrek sits down with Sales Engineer Simon Bradbrook of Snom to discuss the Snom product line, how they’re integrating with partners like 3CX, and exciting details about their DECT solutions!

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Switch To Internet Phone Service and Get Rid Of Heavy Phone Bills

Internet phone is the technology of the future. Telephone has become Stone Age technology with the arrival of internet phone. There are many issues that make the customers think of permanently shifting from telephone to the VoIP service.

VoIP: The Next Generation Communication Standard

In this age of digitization, everything we view or hear has some or all part of it digitized, which is in the interest of better quality and efficiency. Data and voice communication is no exception to this, and therefore, is presented to the users in digital form through VoIP services. Gone are the days, when long distance calls used to cost a bomb on those traditional phone services.

Mobile VoIP: A Case Study

Acting as a panacea for all the communication related woes of users, which includes bad audio quality and high related costs, VoIP service has established itself as the new age communication standard. An upgrade of the existing phone service, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the next generation technology on which all the future communication activities will take place. There are colossal amounts of VoIP reviews available online, which are helpful in establishing the authenticity and reliability of a service provider.

How to Choose the Best VoIP Service Provider?

VoIP or also commonly known as the internet phone, is a modern facility provided to the phone users. It is more convenient way of staying connected to your friends and family members. This new phone system is totally different from the old telephone, which used analog signaling technology to carry voice. Telephone relied on the PSTN network for connecting to the rest of the world.

Great Things About Wireless Headsets

As of late there has been a large number of people, and companies, that have been going from wired to wireless headsets for their VOIP needs. There are lots of benefits associated with doing this…

How to Find Right VoIP Service Providers

Please remember that long distance calls should be free or almost free on your VoIP phone systems as VoIP uses the Internet to send your voice messaging. Also, know that wherever you go, you can still avail VoIP service provided there is an Internet connection.

Relationships Maintained Through VOIP

Physical distance between people who need to stay in constant communication with each other can be quite a challenge to overcome. Communication means could be very expensive years ago but thanks to technology, even free calls are made possible.

What Data Transfer Technology Does VoIP Use?

Examines the internal workings of VoIP and how it manages to transfer your voice from one device to another. Looks at the protocols and the differences from the PSTN system.

Why Internet Phone Service Has Such a Bright Future?

Internet phone service is not something unheard of. VoIP service providers have been around for many years now but their growth has mushroomed in more recent past. There are many reasons why VoIP users are switching from telephone to the internet phone. Let us see how this new phone technology is better than telephone.

How to Design VoIP Networks

Learn about the important facets of a VoIP network. Understand the extra strains that such an infrastructure will place on your IT systems.

Best Steps to Find VoIP Service

VoIP voice over IP or voice over Internet Protocol is an internet technology used for making telephone calls as well as sessions of multimedia. The technology involves communication services including voice, fax, SMS along with other methods of voice messaging by the internet instead of public telephone network. A VoIP voice over IP call involves some steps. These include signaling as well as media set up. The next step is analog voice signal digitization.

Omid Shekarchian and the VoIP Revolution

Omid Shekarchian is the pioneer of a unique telecommunication model for bringing in the best returns for the telecom industry. His comprehensive experience in business development and marketing has helped the promotion of VoIP over the traditional means of Telecommunication. He played a major role in the phasing out of traditional phone lines as businesses and in the rapid expansion of VoIP technology offerings to the different corners of the world. His passion for the newest technology offerings can be seen in this fact that he is now also backing up video over IP connections in the market which says a lot about the foresight and vision of the man.

Which Internet Phone Service to Choose?

Ever wondered how to decide on the internet phone service? This has become a common problem for both new phone users as well as the experienced ones. There are so many VoIP providers out there that it sometimes becomes nearly impossible to make the right decision.

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Backstage: What Runs Behind VOIP Technology

Understanding how technology works can be a challenge for some while for others it can be quite an enjoyable task. Knowing that you can easily make free calls through technology doesn’t really make anybody think of how this could be possible.

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