SIP Chats: Ryan Zoehner of ALGO

In this episode of SIP Chats, we invite Ryan Zoehner of ALGO to have a chat about some brand new devices that are coming from Algo Solutions! Ryan brings their newest device with him to show off! See what their new IP Display speakers is all about, and much more!

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Invest in VoIP Reselling and Raise Your Living Standard

Have you ever dreamed of executing a successful business and enjoying the entire freedom it could offer on financial grounds? If yes, I would suggest you to start a VoIP reseller business. By becoming a VoIP reseller, you can considerably boost your profits without overstretching your resources. Still not influenced? In this post, we will discuss about the VoIP reseller employment opportunity and why VoIP network is a must.

VoIP Reliability – How Does It Stack Up?

VoIP is as reliable as its underlying infrastructure. With proper QoS and hardware, there’s no reason why it can’t be every bit as sturdy as the PSTN phone system.

How Softswitch Has Modernized the Traditional Telephone Network

Improved communication continues to be in demand all through the world souk. End-users are gradually, increasingly adopting the latest technologies arriving in the market. There are numerous channels of communication to assist in fulfilling customer demands.

Between VoIP Services, the Telephone Number Remains As the Link

While VoIP makes great strides, are we ready to ditch the telephone number just yet? What are the hurdles that stand in the way?

Using Virtual LANs (VLANs) for VoIP QoS

Virtual LANS can be used as a a means of isolating problems with VoIP. But can they be used for QoS purposes also?

Growth of VoIP Reseller With Rising Demand for the Service

Being at the right place at the right time is essential for financial success. Today, getting involved with the latest telecommunication development named VoIP is the best option to make huge money.

A Guide to Migrate Your Business to VoIP Successfully

In this article I will introduce a guide which will help you migrate your business to VoIP successfully. But before coming to this, I would like to explain what VoIP means, especially for those who are unfamiliar with it. VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Protocol, put simply, Internet Telephony.

VoIP – Early Warnings For Failure

It’s better to fix problems before they blow up in your face. We can apply the same principle to VoIP systems.

What Happens When The Internet Crashes?

All systems have a failure point. And while VoIP is susceptible to power outages, it’s even more susceptible to wide Internet outages.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Cheap Call Rates

Any business knows the importance of communication between it and its customers and clients as well as partners and everybody else that is involved in the business cycle. However, this can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the cost of effective communication. Telephone calls are still some of the most effective in terms of communication. This is because when you make a call, you get the direct and immediate feedback that you need regarding the issue that you are calling about. The truth however is that calls can equally be expensive for a business. Fortunately, you stand the chance to enjoy cheap call rates thanks to SIP trunking.

How VoIP Changes Business

VoIP is the future of communication technology. Many businesses have already made the switch. Here’s how you can benefit too.

Reasons and Features to Switch to VoIP

Several people who may be thinking of discarding their landline phones and converting these to VoIP network fret if they would find those features which they got on their landline phones. Such individuals like to see on the caller ID who is calling..

VoIP Softswitch – A Key Element for Successful VoIP Business!

VoIP Softswitch is one such component that is of chief importance to VoIP Providers for its wide range of capabilities. Vox Softswitch to Simplify and Organize Your VoIP business better connects calls from phone lines, based on different telecommunication networks or internet completely driven through the VoIP softswitch software.

SIP Trunking Is An Excellent Service When Done In The Right Way

SIP trunking is a secure method designed to establish a direct connection between an internet telephony service provider and organization’s network. This method of connection uses Session Initiation Protocol abbreviated SIP and RTP or Real Time Protocol. They work together to deliver unified communication services and telephone services to users with PBX that is SIP based. SIP clients can also enjoy the amazing features of the SIP trunking service.

VoLTE Vs Smartphone Apps

Verizon is bringing out its own VoIP packages to compete with Skype, Google, and Apple. But is it enough?

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