SIP Chats: Mike O’Donnell of Voneto

In this episode of SIP Chats, we get to learn all about Voneto and how they are changing the game with your current VoIP Solution and Microsoft Teams! Grab your coffee and join your host, Brian Hyrek, and special guest Mike O’Donnell for this highly informative episode of SIP Chats!

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Customer Retention Strategies in Telecom Industry

As some customers are evidently more valuable than others it is important to have a critical tool for customer segmentation hence improving profitability among different customer groups. Segmentation is also considered as one of the best ways to have more targeted communication with the customers.

Why Choose Security Alarm Systems Over IP?

The advantages and savings VOIP has brought to the communications industry, is now appearing to provide those same cost saving to the Security Alarm Industry. Other benefits of Security Alarm Systems Over IP is an increased level of security, through regular testing of the alarms ability to communicate with the Control room.

Cutting Costs, Finding Cheap Home Phone Services Thru VOIP (Part 1)

Many individuals are trying to cut expenses but still want value for what they purchase, in this article I will discuss how to cut your home phone expense with a great low cost service. We will look at three of the major VoIP carriers and review their benefits.

VoIP – Why Chain Yourself to a Single Device?

In today’s world, we need to simplify our digital experience as much as possible. VoIP enables this by allowing us to migrate from one device to another with ease.

Answer Calls, Increase Revenue: A Call Answering Service Does the Job

Don’t have time to answer the phone at your business? Don’t make your customers wait at use a telephone call answering service. A customer service answering service is there when you and your clients need it the most 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Identifying the Ideal SIP Trunk Provider for Your Business

In you want to enjoy the full benefits of a SIP trunk then it is a must to locate the best service provider for your business. Although the technology itself is able to adapt to almost any business model and circumstances, providers may deploy it differently. There are quite a number of providers over the internet so one way or the other you’ll find one that suits your business and meets your budget and requirements.

How To Compare VoIP Providers

You are struggling to make ends meet on your business. You do not want to end up with debts that you can hardly pay and you want to thrive in the industry for as long as you can. This has prompted you to look for ways to save money.

SIP Trunk – Cost Comparison With Traditional Phones

We hear it from here and there that a SIP trunking platform can save you tons of cash on your phone bills but as a business owner these words may sound a bit too good to be true, these claims are indeed true but apart from knowing that’ you’ll save money you need to know how are you to save money. Below is a cost comparison with a traditional phone system with your usual telecommunications company.

Common Terms You May Hear in Communications

With a growing number of businesses and individuals alike adopting new forms of communication technology to alleviate their workload, a new dialect has emerged in the corporate world, consisting of abbreviations and technical jargon. For any newcomers trying to make their break in business, this pigeon-language can be overwhelming to understand, let alone adopt into their own business. Before contacting communication businesses like Britannic Technologies for an explanation of communication terms, take a look below for a definition of some of the commonly used abbreviations and words in communication technology.

Is VoIP Really Right for Your Business?

Business community has been abuzz with VoIP since 2002. By 2010 VoIP technology had become the new standard for new business phone systems while sales of non IP based PBX systems have plummeted. Not every business, however, will reap the benefits off this new technology. Here is why…

Wi-Fi on Flights Allows for VoIP Calls

The introduction of Internet services on flights now allows individuals to keep in touch even when they’re in the air. This is a distinct advantage over traditional telephone.

The Importance of the Right Audio Codec for VoIP

The new Opus audio codec is a major step forward for VoIP. It creates a fully open source audio codec that is extremely adaptable.

Using VOIP for Cheap Home Phone Services – What Equipment Is Necessary? Part 2

Using VoIP is becoming very popular and is a great way to save a large sum of money every year. But what do you need to benefit fully from VoIP services? In this article we will discuss what is need to provide the best VoIP service to you the user.

Reaping the Benefits of a Hosted PBX Solution

Hosted PBX solutions offer many advantages to a business owner. This article discusses in depth some of the various benefits such as reduced total cost of ownership, savings, more bandwidth, and robust features for little to no capital expenditure.

Business VoIP – What You Stand To Gain

Voice over Internet Protocol for business has proved to be of great benefit. You will now find many companies and businesses using the system as a way of improving on their telephony services. Communication between the business and customers and even suppliers is of great importance since it ensures that everything goes on smoothly within the company thus increasing productivity and returns.

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