SIP Chats: Jessica Kelley of Jabra

In this episode of SIP Chats, VoIP Expert Brian Hyrek has an in-depth conversation with Jabra Channel Account Manager Jessica Kelley! They’ll discuss big news between Jabra and Zoom, as well as, go over some brand new products within the Jabra line! So get comfortable, grab your coffee, and enjoy!

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What Is Hosted PBX VoIP?

For businesses wanting to switch to communications solutions that have a modern edge, adapting or migrating to hosted PBX VoIP is a very promising possibility. But what exactly is hosted PBX VoIP? What are its advantages? Are there any risks involved?

The Features of a VoIP Phone

Thanks to innovations in business telephony, you’ll find the phone on your desk does more than ring and let you speak with customers. Multi-line systems let you join in on conferences and transfer calls to co-workers, and you can save and forward important messages from your voice mailbox. With a VoIP phone system, you gain a number of features designed to improve productivity.

Getting the Right PBX Service for Your Business

How many employees you expect to have in the next three years? Will you want calls routed to employees in remote locations? Decide on all these and all similarly important factors before you make up your mind on the choice of PBX.

VoIP – Top Ten Reasons to Switch to VoIP

Traditional phone lines are getting old; and now, there are more than ten reasons to switch to VoIP. Instead of going through all the trouble of applying and waiting for you to acquire a landline, why not use VoIP instead?

Choosing VoIP Business Systems: What to Look for in a VoIP Service Provider?

If you are considering switching your business over to voice over internet protocol (VoIP), you’ve probably already started looking at different providers – a difficult endeavor to say the least. In the last few years, many, many VoIP service providers have emerged in the industry; if you’ve never had VoIP solutions before, you might not know what to look for in a VoIP service provider. In this article we will go over questions to ask when looking for a VoIP business systems provider.

Cloud PBX Services and Its Various Types

Cloud PBX is a great blessing particularly to small and medium business enterprises as all the required equipment, resources, and technological expertise are placed outside the user’s business premises and provided through the Internet by remote service providers. If you are not already aware, Cloud PBX technology uses the wave technology in sending data in packages. As it utilizes the air, it is appropriately termed the Cloud.

The Usability Of International Teleconferencing In Business Growth And Prosperity

International teleconferencing is a well recognized communication tool for ensuring growth and prosperity to small and medium scale businesses at relatively low price. The evolving communication technology has led to globalization of world. It has not only resulted in international teleconferencing solutions but also enabled people in the corporate world and domestic front to interact with others in far distant countries with greater ease and at lower cost.

What Is a VoIP Outbound Proxy Server?

Many SIP clients require the “outbound proxy server” field to be filled in in order to work properly. Find out what the outbound proxy server means and when it is necessary.

Successful International Conferencing – A Glimpse At The Types Of Services And More

If you are planning to communicate with persons nestled at geographical locations, international conferencing can undeniably be a great choice. Read on the article to know the types of services.

Ways To Improve Your VoIP Service

Using VoIP can be advantageous to your company or personal life. Any communications solution based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be tweaked to maximize its full potential with a few basic concepts: Voice and Data As the term VoIP itself suggests, you will be streaming voice service over your Internet protocol, which would mean your Internet connection will be shared between the data stream for regular tasks that require Internet connectivity and the voice stream for use in VoIP. Normally, this won’t be a problem, unless you use both streams heavily in your business….

Making the Pitch for VoIP Hosted PBX

There is no denying the widespread acceptance of the hosted PBX. At first, the digital communication service was adopted by small businesses. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes and industries are upgrading their phone systems to VoIP. If you work for a company that has not adopted VoIP technology and you are responsible for making decisions about communication services, convincing stakeholders may seem to involve low risk. However, there are still people who are skeptical about all that a hosted PBX has to offer.

Residential VoIP Phone Service for the Consumer

VoIP was only available for business purposes. This was because initially, broadband was somewhat uncommon in homes and thus VoIP service providers were not able to attract their home phone users.

What Is SIP? How Can SIP Trunking Save You Money?

What is SIP? How does it work? How does SIP save businesses money? This article will breakdown the anatomy of a SIP telephone call and explain how SIP will save a business money on its telephone bills.

Collaborating With a Wholesale VoIP Service Provider

For ensuring uninterrupted operation of your business, you need to rope in a VoIP whole seller you can rely on. They must have the required technical and human resource ability to deal with the demands of the clients. Working in collaboration with a reliable service provider will channelize into better services.

Do It Yourself: How to Setup VoIP in Your Home

If you’ve heard about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, you’ll probably know how they cut the cost of phone calls to any number of locations in the world while allowing features that simply weren’t available with your old landline, such as video conferencing. You may be tempted to set up a VoIP network for your own home – and don’t let anything stop you! It’s easy, it’s low cost, and all you need to do is follow these tips on how to setup VoIP in your home.

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