SIP Chats: Dan Marchetto of CyberData

In this episode of SIP Chats, we have a nice conversation with CyberData’s Director of VoIP Technical Sales, Dan Marchetto! Dan discusses CyberData’s new and cost-effective IP paging speakers, as well as, how CyberData can help you every step of the way when planning out your IP paging project!

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What’s the Lure of the SIP Protocol?

SIP has come to be the de facto standard of open VoIP communication. What has propelled it to this preferred position?

Is Google Voice About to Get Rolled Into Hangouts?

Ever since Google unveiled Hangouts and its place in the communications ecosystem, people have been wondering what will happen to Google Voice. Will it get integrated or disappear completely?

How to Improve VoIP Security

VoIP is an investment that you need to secure through VoIP monitoring services and aligning with a good VoIP service provider. A good service provider will provide secure VoIP service that use TLS and SRTP.

Hosted VoIP Administration Ease of Use

VoIP systems often have easier administration and set up than traditional legacy PSTN installations. This is because the basic infrastructure is already in place.

What Is VoIP E1 Gateway?

A VoIP E1 Gateway enables you to make a direct connection of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) traffic to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)/ permanent line ISDN (Integrated Service digital Network) for extending communications and for minimizing the call charges. The voice media is transformed amid a VoIP connection and a digital TDM connection. The exchange can go from SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to TDM (Time Division Multiplexing), TDM to SIP and also form SIP to SIP to overcome the issue of trans-coding.

Managed VoIP – Between On-Premise and Hosted Systems

Managed VoIP sits between On-Premise systems and hosted phone networks. While the equipment is located at the customer’s end, the configuration and maintenance is handled by the provider.


VoIP uses the UDP protocol most of the time. This is because while TCP is an excellent method for sending reliable transmission, the real time nature of VoIP makes it a problem instead.

Does VoIP Work With IVR Systems?

IVR systems allow an organization to quickly sift through and efficiently deal with large incoming call volumes. This is a perfect opportunity for VoIP to shine.

VoIP Industry Growth

With the way VoIP has been drastically changing the face of communication, it would be considered an understatement to say the VoIP is the future of communication. With almost everything related to communication moving to OTT (over-the-top) services, it has become quite evident now that VoIP is being used as the main source of communication, and connectivity.

Benefit of VoIP Unified Communication

With technology growing so quickly, the advancements and innovations behind new inventions have been increasing as well. With a lot of innovations and collaborations coming together, technology has certainly been making life a lot simpler, and less complicated than before.

Can Existing Carriers Adapt to VoIP, or Will They Be Left Behind?

Carriers have looked to VoIP with trepidation. But can they ride the wave and turn it to their advantage?

Google Pulls VoIP Support for Obi

Google recently changed the way its messenger services operate with third party products. Was this the right thing to do?

How Does WebRTC Work?

WebRTC will be heavily used in future peer to peer technologies. How does it work and how does it fit in with existing frameworks?

Will PSTN Always Be Around in Some Form?

While there’s no doubt that PSTN is being phased out, will it ever be replaced entirely? There are some benefits that uniquely belong to PSTN, but for how long will that advantage hold?

VoIP Monitoring Made Easy

VoIP monitoring doesn’t have to be a complex topic. Here are the basic parameters measured through VoIP monitoring and your system/application options.

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