SIP Chats: Buddy Oliver of Patton Electronics Co.

In this episode of SIP Chats, VoIP Expert, Brian Hyrek has an in-depth conversation with Vice President of Product Management, Buddy Oliver! Buddy takes us through what’s new with Patton, including their latest venture, AV over IP! Patton has teamed up with Dante Audio to be one of the first to bring AVoIP to market!

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Changing The Phone Service Provider

Are you pulling the plug on your current phone service? You might like to do this for various reasons – your organization may possibly would like to update, cut on prices, or lastly eliminate low quality consumer assistance from the old supplier. As much as you want to the modify to be rapid, always make sure that you are intelligent and planned in producing the move. Check on the things that you should learn just before slamming the lid on your latest services.

VoIP – Before You Implement

With VoIP becoming the preferred method of transmitting streaming conversations during a phone call, it is essential that a network be properly configured for optimum audio quality. VoIP provides flexibility and versatility as well as lower operating costs, however if the conversation isn’t clear or at all understandable then the benefits to VoIP are lost.

Using a VoIP Virtual Number Reduces Long-Distance Phone Bills

A VoIP virtual number is a perfect way for a business to establish a presence in areas out of state while giving customers a way to make contact without having to pay long distance charges. This is done by using VoIP technology which uses packet based switching to route calls over a data network.

VoIP Availability – Can VoIP Be Reliable?

VoIP has many advantages that make it an appealing solution for many business owners. The idea of transmitting voice traffic over an existing data network at a significant reduction in cost has become too hard to pass up for most business owners. However, few realize the potential limitations or issues that can arise with call quality when using VoIP.

What Is a VoIP Gateway?

vVoIP technology is fast becoming the new standard for communications. Although there are still a number of people using the standard analog signal over copper wiring, there are many people venturing into VoIP with the hopes of cutting costs on their phone bill.

Switching to VoIP – A Hosted or On-Premise Phone System?

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to VoIP, the next decision becomes whether you want to own your own phone system or opt for a hosted or virtual solution. There are pros and cons to each however, as a general rule an on-premise phone system is a better solution for large companies with complex routing or call centers. For businesses with a minimal number of users, a hosted solution can be the perfect way to take advantage of VoIP technology at a minimal cost.

VoIP Security – How Secure Is It?

With the advent of VoIP technology, the question of VoIP security comes to mind for many who are afraid that their conversations are being listened to by people they don’t even know. Although this is certainly a possibility, so far there haven’t been any widespread reports of this occurring. It might surprise you to know that your phone conversations on your land line and your cell phone can also be tapped into, just in a different way.

VoIP – Getting Rid of the Telephone Number

Telephone numbers are increasingly becoming anachronistic. SIP VoIP is leading the way to finally allowing our phone identities behave more like regular Internet services like email.

Virtual PBX Is an Advancement That Restores Productivity to Business

Today there are various inventions created to make the lives of many people more convenient and tasks more productive. Comparatively, a highly functional invention is popular these days, which is the Virtual PBX. This invention is an advanced telephone service that can provide people many features. People don’t have to purchase any high-priced gadgets.

People’s Concerns When Migrating to an IP Phone Service

IP or Cloud PBX phone service can be the most well-known option for communication programs between organizations nowadays. TMCnet reviews that out of the 3,000 global CIOs that IBM questioned, 60 percent claims that migrating to cloud phone service in five years? time was aspect of their company’s program to gain a hostile side as well as to expand their own business.

VoIP International Calls – Affordable Communications

VoIP service has many advantages over regular phone service. See how it can help you save money making affordable international calls.

PBX System for Offices and Small Businesses

It is widely acknowledged that offices and small businesses are the real avenues for employment generation and future industrial growth. Since communication facilities are critically important for the growth and development of any enterprise, small businesses need advanced phone systems as much as midsize businesses or larger corporations. Traditionally, the high costs for full-fledged PBX systems have made them unaffordable to offices and small businesses.

Never Lose Your Call History and Voicemail With VoIP!

VoIP allows tremendous flexibility in ensuring that your data belongs to you. Google’s latest move to allow users to download all their voicemail and cal history from Google voice is a prime example of what is possible.

Mobile VoIP and Bandwidth Caps

Bandwidth caps by cellphone carriers will harm mobile applications. Find out what the implications are for VoIP.

Calling Into Your VoIP Phone for International Calls

VoIP as an Internet application is defined by its flexibility. Learn how you can make cheap International calls from your cellphone even without a wireless data plan!

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