SingleSprout Speaker Series: WebRTC – A Story of Browsers Finding Their Voice with Brian Grosso

Brian’s Tech Talk focuses on WebRTC – the P2P technology that provides full duplex communication via UDP. He gives an overview on the history of browsers, talks about how WebRTC works, how to use it and what the future of the browser is.

0:00 Introduction
0:29 What is WebRTC?
0:49 Agenda
1:39 Browsers then
1:58 Browsers now
2:45 How we got here
4:12 How WebRTC works
4:51 WebRTC and WebSocket
5:31 WebRTC Under the Hood
7:27 Who Uses It
10:57 The State of WebRTC
13:35 Questions?

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Codesmith helps residents develop engineering best practices, analytical problem-solving abilities, and strong technical communication skills. Tech talks allow Codesmith residents to deep dive into a technology outside of the Codesmith curriculum. Topics have included: AR/VR, Game Theory, React Native/Mobile Development, new React Lifecycle Methods, bit-flipping, Service Workers, and GraphQL. Learn more about Codesmith at

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