SingleSprout Speaker Series: Server Side Rendering with Catherine Larcheveque & Lorenzo Guevara

Catherine Larcheveque and Lorenzo Guevara’s tech talk provides an introduction to server side rendering. They talk about what server side rendering is, then dive deep into how websites and browsers actually work, such as loading HTML/CSS, fetching any linked JS, executing that JS and rendering to the page.

Catherine and Lorenzo dive into front-end optimization metrics such as Time to first byte, time to first paint, time to contentful paint, and time to interactive to get the audience thinking about how client-side rendering impacts performance.

They also go into client side rendering step by step, server side rendering with react and next.js, and then static site generators with gatsby and CDNs.

Connect with Catherine Larcheveque

Connect with Lorenzo Guevara

Codesmith helps residents develop engineering best practices, analytical problem-solving abilities, and strong technical communication skills. Tech talks allow Codesmith residents to deep dive into a technology outside of the Codesmith curriculum. Topics have included: AR/VR, Game Theory, React Native/Mobile Development, new React Lifecycle Methods, bit-flipping, Service Workers, and GraphQL. Learn more about Codesmith at

SingleSprout is a search firm helping grow social good & innovative startups in NYC, LA & SF.

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