SingleSprout Speaker Series: React Router with Carlos Botero-Vargas

React Router is the primary tool that allows you to handle routes in a web app, using a dynamic process of resource navigation in a web app. This is how your app determines what to do with a client request. In the case of react router, such decision is executed on the client side.

For these reasons, we can describe React-Router as a dynamic, client-side routing process that allows us to build a single-page web application with navigation without the page refreshing as the user navigates. Building on the implicit component structure of the React library, React Router renders the appropriate information in turn.

The React-Library (as a dependency of react-router-dom) prevents page refreshing by using Routers or Links, avoiding the flash of a white screen or blank page. Simply put, it is an increasingly common way of having a more seamless user experience, with the added benefit of allowing the user to utilize browser functionality (think back button) and the refresh page while maintaining the correct visualization of the application.

Learn more about React Router in Carlos Botero-Vargas’s tech talk.

Connect with Carlos Botero-Vargas

Codesmith helps residents develop engineering best practices, analytical problem-solving abilities, and strong technical communication skills. Tech talks allow Codesmith residents to deep dive into a technology outside of the Codesmith curriculum. Topics have included: AR/VR, Game Theory, React Native/Mobile Development, new React Lifecycle Methods, bit-flipping, Service Workers, and GraphQL. Learn more about Codesmith at

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