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In this video, we’ll be unboxing the brand new value-based IP phone from Sangoma Technologies, the P315! This new series of IP phones from Sangoma offers high-functionality at the price you want! So, get a close look at the P315 and see how it compares to the P310!

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Mary Cheney:
Hi, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney here at VoIP Supply, and today I’m going to be unboxing Sangoma’s brand new Value-Based P315 IP Phone. So, let’s get to it.
Mary Cheney:
All right, so let’s get to this. And again, this is the Sangoma P315. There is also the P310, and the difference between the two is that this one is gigabit and the 310 is not.
Mary Cheney:
So, there’s our nice little documentation sheet, a little brief overview of some of the quick features that are available. Here’s what everybody’s been waiting to see. There’s the phone. Here’s the handset. Here’s the stand. There are two places to put this so you can change it, and it’s really nice because it’s got these nice little rubber feet on it so it grips really nicely. Here’s our handset cord. As you can see, right in there. They did a really good job matching the color of the phone and the cord.
Mary Cheney:
So, this is everything that’s in the box. They do have a power supply that is sold separately for both the P10 and P315. They are actually different power supplies than Sangoma’s other series, so the S series, but if you are looking for an additional power for that, it would be available on the VoIP Supply website and as a dropdown option for this product.
Mary Cheney:
So, let’s power this up. As you can see, we have our LAN. We have our extra port for the PC. You have your power supply, and then you actually also have a headset port too. So this is powering up for us, as you can see. Obviously, this is not configured, that’s why the time, it’s not 6:04 AM.
Mary Cheney:
So, I’m just going to give you a quick rundown of some of the features of this phone. So again, this is part of Sangoma’s Value-Based series of phones. There is the P310 and the P315, and this is the P315. The only difference between the two models, so when we’re going through some of the key features here, the only difference is the P315 is gigabit.
Mary Cheney:
All right, so let’s talk about the display screen on both of these phones. It is 2.4 inches. The line registrations are two lines on both phones. This has four feature keys. Again, both of them have that, and then they also have four soft keys available. You have six-way key navigation on both phones. These phones are both POE, but again, there are power supplies that are available. They are sold separately.
Mary Cheney:
Okay, so let’s play around with a couple of the buttons here. You have your speakerphone, there it is. Two lines. Your headset. This is your volume. Let’s turn that back on. You can hear it gets pretty loud. Here’s your mute button. Again, we can turn this back on, and you can see you’re on mute. Now we’re off mute.
Mary Cheney:
Here’s your voicemail. This is not set up, obviously, but if I were to hit that and if it was all set up, we would be able to get right to our voicemail. As you can see up at the top here, there is a call light indicator. Obviously, that would start blinking red if you had a voicemail. And that’s really it. Those are some of the key features of the phone.
Mary Cheney:
So, that wraps up the unboxing of Sangoma’s P315, their new Value-Based IP Phone. I just want to say that this particular phone is great for manufacturing, education, and retail. It’s super user-friendly. The handset is nice and sturdy. It feels like it’s really well built. The sound quality is actually really great. You heard the volume when we were doing the unboxing. So again, it was really well built. The price is right on this one and for the P310, so if you’re looking for a value-based phone, again, for manufacturing, retail, or education, this is a great option. People won’t get overwhelmed with too many options. It’s super user-friendly.

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