Red Hat 7/CentOS 7 Minimal Installation

This video will show how to install CentOS 7 (minimal packages) in your virtual machine. Linux is a free and open source operating system developed by Linus Torvalds on September 17, 1991. It is mainly used as server environment. A lot of Linux distributions are present today. Among them, Red Hat Linux is used as enterprise Linux. Red Hat is also known as Red Hat commercial Linux that means Red Hat is a paid service program. CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is another Linux distribution that provides a free and open source, enterprise-class, community-supported server platform functionally compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). All the commands and functionalities those are available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux are available in CentOS Linux.
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VMware download link:!oRElQTKY!j_kgHCCylnLctQp_tAtmyqDUeXPGMlVSEexTSuIvCjU
CentOS 7 download link:

Multimedia Services Over Terrestrial Cable Television Networks

Cable television networks have grown from the coaxial cable networks for TV broadcast delivery to a broadband hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks which can carry voice, data and multimedia services. DOCSIS and PacketCable standards were developed to enhance the speed, QoS and capability of the cable TV networks to deliver VOIP, packetized and real time network services.

Knowing More About VoIP Service

The newest technology in telecommunications has slowly developed in recent years and now offers millions of consumers around the world the ability to call anyone else over VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. The technology utilizes broadband internet access to transfer phone calls instead of traditional analog phone lines, offering both a cheaper and more versatile method of making phone calls that has increasingly become more popular as the technology develops.

The Incredible Skype Headphones For Amazing Sound Quality

Staying connected has become indispensable nowadays when your near and dear ones are away from you. But with the help of innovative technology, you can talk to them anytime you want. And now, most amazingly, you can see them too when talking with the cutting edge technology of VoIP.

Free Calls – Get Connected to Your Beloved Ones Free of Cost

With the introduction of free calls, people are relaxed of their heavy phone bills. Now anybody can call anywhere in the world at free of cost and chit chat with their friends and family. Thanks to technology for introducing such a great online phone service that has given various attractive deals for making international calls.

VoIP Tutorial – The Rapid Growth of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony is growing rapidly worldwide, usually within the double-play business model, i.e the provision of broadband internet and telephony together. The benefits of the new technology have literally revolutionized the world of fixed-line telephony and now VoIP is directly threatening all the major traditional telecommunications companies.

Gaining Popularity of a VoIP Reseller

As the present scenario is changing with growing technology, people are switching to dynamic business enterprises. This is also because of the changing picture of business models like VoIP resellers.

VoIP – Grab Free Services to Enjoy Making Free PC to Phone Calls

With the advancement of Internet technology, now people can easily communicate with each other in a hassle-free manner. The technology has introduced quality service-VoIP calls, through which international calling becomes quite easy and convenient. The user can make free PC to PC calls, cheap PC to phone or mobile without paying much.

Free PC to Phone Calls – A New Way to Connect

Technological changes happened in the recent period, has brought in many remarkable alteration to provide some tremendous opportunity to connect people from all over the world. The earlier mediums used to take a lot of time in conveying the messages to distant destinations. That is why, need of a quicker yet effective system is growing with passing time.

Avail Cheap Calling Plans For Free Calling Services

Technical growth has made novelty in almost every sector. The field of telecommunication has gone through immense improvement that has made a comfort zone for people in terms of communication. The scope of VoIP technology has given birth to digital phone services that connect long distance people in a hassle free manner.

Use VoIP and Eliminate All Barriers Coming in the Way of International Calling

To provide each and every comfort to mankind, technology has been introducing many inventions that let to the betterment of people. There are various advanced technologies that are growing vastly for elevating the lives of individuals. In terms of communication, technology has given great innovations- Internet phone service, helping millions of people in long distance communication by paying a less amount of money.

VoIP – Make Free Calls and Keep in Touch With Close Ones

With the advancement of technology, internet came into light that has vanished all the discrepancy coming in the way of entertainment and information. The sudden growth has made the lives of people more convenient and that is why now people prefer this technology for their every piece of work, be it for making calls or social networking or anything.

VoIP Tutorial – The Introduction of VoIP in Telecoms

The increased needs for voice and data communication in small and larger businesses have resulted in finding new methods for simultaneously communicating these two forms of information. The technology which dominates to meet those needs is Voice over IP – voice over Internet Protocol TCP / IP.

Switch to VoIP to Enjoy Cheap PC to Phone Calls

The innovation in telecommunication sector has created its own reputation in the market by helping thousands of people by providing them the best mode of making cheap international calls. Through such great technique, users can easily make PC to phone calls without spending much, that’s what we call the ‘improvement of technology’ that has given such comfort.

Pay Less For International Calls – Make VoIP Calls

Necessity of Communication gave rise to many communication mediums. In current scenario, people are moving to other countries for various reasons. They need a strong communication medium to talk to their links located in different countries. VoIP call has become most popular way to make cheap calls to other countries. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Is VoIP a Secure Selection For Home Telephone Service?

Due to the increased penetration of Broadband Internet worldwide VoIP services are becoming the optimal choice for residential and business phone service. An amazing new resource has made it possible for the average consumer to navigate…

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