React Testing Library Tutorial #11 – Integration Tests

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Fitting Out Your New Kitchen

As any self-respecting foodie will no doubt be well aware, choosing the right appliances for your kitchen is essential. If you’re moving into a new home, the chances are you’ll want to make the most of your kitchen space – and investing in the right appliances is certainly worthwhile.

Things You Should Know About Staying Cool During the Summertime

They say that the extreme heat that we experienced this summer is just a sign of the things to come – and that is all because of the global change in climate. Those who say that also claim that more is in store for us. That means that the summer heat in the years to come will even be more intense.

Why Do We Have Water Softeners?

If your tap water comes from a well on your property, chances are, you have a water softener. There is also a good chance you have no idea why you have one, or what purpose it serves.

The Kitchen Essentials For A New Home

Are you all set to move into your new home? Often times, a lot of new homeowners (or newlyweds to be more specific) are so excited to move into their new home; and because of too much excitement, they forget some little things which actually turn out to be important too.

The Cooker Hob: Past, Present and Future

This article details the history of the cooker hob, taking the reader from its invention in the 19th Century right up to modern day induction hobs. Topics covered include the introduction of the spiral element and new innovations like the wok-sized hot plate.

Refrigeration Repair Or Replacement?

If you are in need of refrigerator repair, you need to weigh your options. You need to determine if it is better to go new or to get it fixed.

Sunbeam Air Purifiers: Eliminating 99% Of The Indoor Air Pollution

Sunbeam air purifiers are one of the trusted air cleaners in the market. Many people have tried and have come to trust the brand over the years. If you are in the market for air purifiers, Sunbeam is one brand to check out.

Choosing Quality Appliance Repair Parts

Appliance parts can malfunction from time to time for many reasons. Replacing the affected components with quality appliance repair parts is necessary while fixing the damage.

Ice Machine Appliance Parts Preventing Unnecessary Costs

Online stores have started occupying dominant market share at least when it comes to supply of genuine appliance parts. Parts like ice machine appliance parts are available at half the cost and double convenience.

The Characters of Appliance Repair Part 1

Have you ever gotten a funny feeling after an appliance serviceman told you “it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to fix this one”? That feeling may be trying to tell you something. In Part 1 of The Characters of Appliance Repair, you will meet “The Condemner”.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Innovation

Are you looking for a new refrigerator? Want to get one that would make you the proud owner of the best appliance in the neighborhood? Then you have got to check this one out! The Frigidaire FGHG2344MF offers you a kitchen appliance that combines simplicity and efficiency with high quality and performance.

Buying an Air-Conditioning System

The selection and installation of an air-conditioner is a major project. It is important to replace your failing unit before it breaks down if possible. On the other hand, it also makes economic sense to get the greatest possible use…

Countertop Convection Microwave Oven

Convection microwave oven is the multipurpose kitchen appliance which can be used to make many food recipes. Such convection ovens not only maintained food nutrition but also they cut down preparation time.

Miele Washing Machines – The Best the Market Has to Offer

The German based manufacturer Miele is a manufacturer of high end domestic appliances, fitted kitchens and commercial equipment. The company was established in 1899 and is family owned and operated.

GeoComfort Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

GeoComfort geothermal heating and cooling systems are energy efficient, cheaper as well as healthier for residential and commercial buildings. Such systems use earth’s energy which is free and abundant instead of burning oil and gas.

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