Quntis Laptop Monitor Light Bar Review | Laptop Keyboard Light

Quntis laptop monitor light review. In thie video, I’ll be showing you the Quntis computer monitor lamp with touch screen and brightness controls. This is a great laptop light that can be easily clipped onto your laptop or computer and powered by USB or C port.

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Quntis Laptop Monitor Light Benefits:

Non Screen Glare & Flicker-Free Anti-Blue-Light Design
Quntis computer clip on light features an asymmetrical optical design that will illuminates only your computer keyboard, eliminates reflective glare off the screen found on most regular desk lamps. Thanks to its advanced eye protection system, our desk lamps for home office blocks blue light and optical radiation, effectively relieving eye fatigue to protect your eyes. Maximizing your focus and comfort whether you are working or relaxing.

Auto-Dimming Design & Memory Function
With a built-in ambient light sensor, the computer light adjusts the brightness to a comfortable level, according to the surrounding light throughout the day, keeping your eyes feeling comfortable. The memory function automatically remembers your last setting, no need to reset. Its 3000K-6500K stepless color temperature adjustment allows you to switch between cold light and warm light at will for a comfortable work environment all day.

Special for Laptop & Wide Applicability
2-IN-1 plug design, Quntis monitor light bar can be powered by any USB A and USB C outlet, whether the source is a computer, phone charger, or power bank. Slim and sleek design, easy to carry. Whether it is at home, in the office, or during travel, it is your best companion.

Space Saving Screen Computer Lamp Bar
Our ingenious, scientifically designed fixing clip allows this task lamp stable mount on top of the laptop. There is PU glue on the clip, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or scratching your device during use, helping you save valuable desk space and creating a stylish workspace. Matte lampshade design, Compared with traditional desktop lighting area increased by 2.5-3 times, allowing for a more uniform lighting effect.

Computer Light For Travel
The laptop lights size is 11.8IN and the weighs only 185 grams. Comes with two different thickness adjustment covers to fit the size of the laptop, our desk light bar is perfect for a laptop with a thickness from 0.04″ to 0.59″. NOT SUITABLE FOR MONITORS! includes a storage bag, which can be easily put into the backpack. The ideal Christmas gift for children, students, and office staff. Thanks for watching this Quntis computer light review.

Can’t turn on keyboard light on laptop, use this instead. This laptop keyboard light works best.

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