Purple Mattress Review | Purple Premier 4 Mattress After 1 Week

Purple mattress review. In this video, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Purple Premiere 4 mattress after using it for 1 week. My wife has a bulging disc and spinal stenosis and though the Purple mattress may be the answer to relieve pressure. Here’s what we think..

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We bought our Purple mattress at a local Big Sandy’s Furniture store as they honored the same price as the Purple mattress website. We bought the king size purple mattress and the softest they had which was the Premiere 4.

The Purple hybrid Premier 4 mattress offers the thickest layer of GelFlex™ Grid to provide the most pressure relief and most immersive feel. It’s ideal for sleepers who want alignment paired with comfort that feels soft and cradling. Supported by a layer of stainless steel coils, the Grid creates a buoyant response that instantly adapts to your body and movement.​

Another thing we love about the Purple mattress is that you don’t get hot. All those little squares easily let air flow and body heat escape. Plus, the GelFlex material itself doesn’t retain heat, so if you want to stay cool, you can.

That’s it. Thanks for watching this Purple mattress review.

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