Port Based Virtual Hosting Configuration with Apache Server on CentOS 7

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Virtual Hosting is a method of hosting multiple domains on single web server. If you have multiple domains (such as domain1.com, domain2.com and so on) and want to host on single web server, Virtual Hosting is your right choice. Apache web server provides an easy way to manage Virtual Hosting. Virtual Hosting can be Name Based, IP Based or Port Based. In Name Based Virtual Hosting, multiple domains can be hosted on single Server and single IP address. On the other hand, in IP Based Virtual Hosting, each domain is hosted on single server but on a dedicated IP address and in Port Based Virtual Hosting, multiple domains are hosted on different ports. In this video, I will show how to configure Port Based Apache Virtual Hosting on CentOS 7 Linux.
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How to Test VoIP Speed

Explains the way to test the speed of your VoIP Connection. Is your ISP throttling your VoIP data, how much speed is enough and how different services require different speeds…

Disadvantages of Using VoIP Phone Service For Business

Though VoIP is growing at a fast pace and its adoption is increasing every day, some critical issues need to be worked out before it can replace Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). The keyword is reliability.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – Requirements and Availability

A communication form that provides the facility of making a phone call over an internet connection in place of general analog telephone lines is simply known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP uses digital signal for communication in discrete packet form instead of using circuitry protocols of typical public switched telephone network. VoIP using avoids the toll charge given in ordinary telephone service…

How to Quickly Solve VoIP Voice Quality Issues

An article discussing the how to simply check and resolve issues regarding VoIP voice quality. Private users and businesses alike make use of VoIP as a low cost way to maintain contact with associates and loved ones around the world.

Challenges to Integrating Video and Mobile VoIP

The way things stand now, the convergence of VoIP and video into a common means of data transmission is not far off in the future. In fact, today’s mobile connections via 3G and video conferencing capabilities can be regarded as precursors of future technology that will seamlessly weave together the two applications. The advantage of video calls is obvious: they connect users in an entirely different way from a voice-only call, a way that gives a more personal and warm presence.

The Advantages of VoIP Especially For New Business Ventures

Before we talk about the advantages of VoIP for businesses let us first figure out what VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. At first Internet Protocol was created for the purpose of data networking and its runaway success as the measure for data networking has set the trend for it being modified to the voice network also.

Benefits of Using a VoIP for Business

VoIP, also known as Internet Telephony or IP Telephony, is a method of providing voice communication through the internet. Nowadays business companies are adopting VoIP technology in their business. Some of the many benefits of using a VoIP for business are as follows.

Beautiful Life

Having a chance to jump into the next generation of communications technology first. VoIP now means Video over Internet Protocol.

Choosing Best VoIP Phone Service Wisely

We are living in the age of the Internet and having VoIP phone system for your business is indeed a wise decision. Or, rather not having VoIP system is going to keep you out of the race and make you lose business to competition. Of course, VoIP is not a magic wand and there are certain fundamental issues you have look into when deciding for VoIP phone service.

Internet VoIP On The Rise As A Small Businesses Phone Solution

Internet VoIP was once the outcast of the telecom world. Now however, it is on the rise with small businesses across the nation. Its reliability, flexibility and cost have propelled it to a very efficient and effective communications tool.

Switching to VOIP for Business Is a Wise Decision

VOIP is an economical and useful telephone line option for businesses as well as for personal use. It has been established that getting around in this age of communication age without a phone connection is just not possible. Using VOIP for business purposes is seriously a great decision which results in much cost saving.

Security Considerations for Mobile VoIP Implementations

As demand for VoIP services continue to grow, more carriers and Internet service providers are offering VoIP service in one form or another, taking advantage of the fast-evolving developments in the technology that makes it easier to transmit and receive clear and high-quality VoIP calls. Among the most promising aspects of broadband telephony is mobile VoIP. In its most basic form, mobile VoIP is simply porting a call through a mobile or wireless network such as WiFi instead of passing through a wired connection.

Magic Jack: How Does It Work?

Magic Jack a small adapter that connects the phone line on one end and the USB port on your computer on the other end. This makes your home phone line connected to the computer and enables it to make long distance calls using voice over IP (VOIP).

VoIP Softswitches: The Revolution In Telecom

Nextone technology is a new development in the arena of telecommunications industry. It has made life easier for wholesale telecom operators.

Should You Get A Video Phone?

The basic home video phone sports several different names. I will refer to most of them throughout this article so you may become familiar with the varying terms but generally speaking they all mean the same and they all refer to the same piece of machinery.

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